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How to Add Items to Ride Along Free with Your SmartPaks

Isn’t it funny (or sad) how much stuff we need in order to take care of our horses on a daily basis? It’s easy to forget how much goes into the day to day management of our horses, but I am so thankful that SmartPak carries all these supplies so I can stock up when I need to. What’s even better is that we offer free shipping for these items every month when they’re shipped with your SmartPaks. This is so convenient because if you lose your hoof pick, run out of Vetrolin Shine or need more hair nets for an upcoming show, you don’t have to pay shipping for such a small order – you can just send it in the same box your SmartPak is shipping in that month!

This has been a benefit of the SmartPak system for quite a while, but we found that not all SmartPaks subscribers were aware of it. For those who were, many didn’t know how to set these orders up online themselves. As a member of the Customer Care team I have heard this frustration personally expressed by customers over the phone daily, and although we absolutely love helping you set these orders up, we know it’s empowering to be able to do it yourself.

We heard you, and decided to put together a walk through tutorial of how to get this free “ride-along” shipping. To put it simply, you can follow the easy steps listed below to successfully set up these orders:
1) Add your items to your cart and proceed to checkout
2) On the shipping page, select the address your SmartPaks ship to in the left hand column
3) In the right hand column, choose to “ship free with your order”
4) Continue to the billing page, notice the free shipping on your order total and submit
5) Enjoy your new products when they arrive!

We made a video to explain these steps, too (you know how much we love making videos here at SmartPak), and you can check out the finished product below! We are all about helping more horses stay healthy and us riders stay happy… and I know there’s little that makes me happier than free shipping!



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