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How to use Fly Predators



There are lots of questions when it comes to using Fly Predators. First of all, what are Fly Predators? How do Fly Predators work? Where are you supposed to spread Fly Predators? Do Fly Predators really work? Are Fly Predators safe for my other animals? If you’ve ever wondered how to use Fly Predators, then you’ve found the right video! SmartPaker Kaitlyn answers all the questions you’ve ever had about Spaulding Fly Predators, plus gives some Fly Predator tips and suggestions.

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Fly Predators

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5 comments on “How to use Fly Predators
  1. Shelly Berry says:

    Great information on how use fly Predators on pasture or pen horse set ups.

  2. Rona says:

    We just purchased the fly predators and have a question. We have honey bees on our property will the get into the hives?


  3. Melisa Carter says:

    I have used Fly Predators for the last 3 years and each year the flies got worse. I’ve never been really satisfied with the product and feel that I wasted a lot of money. I still had to use a lot of natural fly spray and spray that the company recommended. I would use them again if I could be sure they would work…I hate spending all that money and using all that fly spray and still NO relief.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Melisa,

      I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your experience with Fly Predators! When it comes to beating the bugs, we recommend trying a barn-wide approach that keeps you covered from all sides with Fly Predators as well as fly spray, fly gear, and an insect defense supplement. To learn more about building a no-fly zone at your barn, check out this blog:

      That said, we back all of our orders with our 100% Happiness Guarantee, so if you’re ever unhappy with something you’ve ordered from us, please don’t hesitate to let our Customer Care Team know. We’re also happy to help you find the right products for your situation – just give us a call at 1-800-461-8898 or email us at Our smarts are at your service!

      – SmartPaker Lexi

    • CLA says:

      If you have other barns close by, it can effect your results. See if you can talk them into predators also. They worked wonders at our barn. The owners of the barn volunteered to pay for them after they saw the results.

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