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A Tail of Woe: SmartPaker Kent and the Fake Tail Bag

Hopefully by now, you’ve seen (or at least heard of) our hilarious Ask a Non-Rider series of videos. For those of you who haven’t, I’ll explain it as succinctly as I can…we put some of the non-riders who work at SmartPak in a room with some of the products that we sell and asked them to tell us what they were and what they were used for. There were only three people in the room: the participant, SmartPaker Sarah (you know who she is), and myself (the ‘video guy’).

Oh, and the participants had no idea what they were getting themselves into – we just asked for non-riders to be in a series of videos and some people volunteered. They probably won’t volunteer for videos ever again, but whatever.

The results were pretty outstanding. Some of the non-riders knew a lot of the products; some knew nothing about any of them. Some were hysterically funny in spurts; some were laugh out loud (sorry…LOL) funny the entire time.

There were a few times when the right person had the right product at the right time. Brandan talking about the Grazing Muzzle was one of our favorites (you’ll see it soon, don’t worry). Ty with the Sleazy Sleepwear was pretty special. But I had forgotten about maybe the funniest product/participant combo that we had: Kent and the Rockin’ SP Quilted Tail Bag by Big D.

To be fair to Kent, he was the last to go. He was 14 out of 14. And he didn’t start until 5:00 or so. On a Friday. In December – you know, maybe the busiest time of the year for us at SmartPak. But he was a good sport and gave us everything he had. And oh boy was it awesome.

The video below is entirely unedited. It’s the raw, unpolluted footage straight from the camera. It starts out just like any other video, but quickly spirals out of control.

These are some of my favorite/the most memorable/quotable moments of the video.

0:37    Love that he doesn’t take long to start his guessing. He’s off to a good start.
0:58    The first sign of trouble – “a blanket can not fit in here.” I rescind my comment about being off to a good start.
1:13    He’s back on track (no pun intended) – talking through your thoughts in these situations is a good way to go. Although he does refer to it as a “blanket holder.” Didn’t we just rule that out?
1:30    Oranges? Really?
1:46    At least he’s sticking to his guns with the fruit thing. Gotta admire him for that.
1:58    The first time Sarah tells him what it’s called. It won’t be the last.
2:03    Uh oh.
2:17    If you listen closely, after he says “tail bag” here, you can hear me trying (unsuccessfully) not to laugh.
2:31    Patience is waning.
2:45    The second time Sarah tells him exactly what it is. He immediately follows up with “a tail of what? Of woe?” It’s like he knew I’d write a blog about what was unfolding and needed a title for it. Also, I’m laughing again in the background.
3:29    Here comes the disbelief. Frustration has won out.
3:48    The fourth time she spells it out for him. Points to Sarah for keeping her composure.
4:15    There’s 5. We’ve lost him.
4:38    #6. I almost lost it when he said “vanity tail”. I’d like to point out that Sarah is wearing a microphone and I am not. She did an amazing job not laughing hysterically – unlike me. As I recall, she was twitching violently on the floor trying to hold it together. And doing it quietly, too, which I appreciated.
4:50    Oy vey.
5:05    Wait for it.
5:13    Almost there.
5:19    There it is! We’ve officially broken Kent. My comment “He was getting so angry” really is a nice capper to an otherwise glorious 5 minutes.

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