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Sasha’s Goals for 2016

The 2016 show season is almost here and it’s past time for me and Sasha to start thinking about our goals for the season. My big goal for this year is moving up to the 3’ adult amateur hunter division, and I’d like to make it to the handy round of one of our local derbies. I asked Sasha what she was hoping to achieve this year, and her list of goals was a little different from mine…

1. Nap as much as possible
Napping has to be one of my favorite activities, so doing it as much as possible has to be our number one goal this year. My mom can make it her goal to never interrupt my afternoon naps, and I can make it my goal to prepare for all of our big horse show days with a nice long nap.

2. Host grazing parties every night
Since I prefer the quiet of the back paddocks, I don’t get turned out in the grass field in the front of the barn anymore. I get all the hay I can eat (which is a lot!), but sometimes a girl just wants some fresh grass! In order to fulfill my cravings, my mom should strive to host grazing parties for me and my friends every night, even if it’s so late that we have to graze in the dark.

3. Go for long walks around the farm
If my mom absolutely has to ride me, I’d much rather spend all summer going for leisurely walks instead of working in the ring. Plus, who doesn’t love a good walk with their buddies? The humans can catch up with each other, and I can catch up with my friends – it’s a win-win for everyone!

4. Get treats from all of my adoring fans

The only thing I love more than being admired by my fans is being fed treats by my fans. This year, my mom and I will make sure that the peppermint bowl is a required stop on our way back to the barn (and our way to the ring, and in between classes, and on our way to the paddocks, and on all of our hand walks, and on…).

5. Gallop around the derby field
My favorite part of horse showing (besides getting treats after I do a good job, of course) is getting out on the derby field. I can really stretch my legs and use my real stride length, and it’s even acceptable to leave out steps in between the jumps! (According to the humans, leaving out steps in between the jumps in the ring is a big no-no, though I can’t fathom why!)

Last year, I noticed that some horses got to go on the derby field more than once, and some even got to go for a victory gallop with their ribbons! Sadly, I was not one of those horses. This year, my goal is to gallop around the field more than once. That means that we can’t mess up the second to last jump in every derby course again (I’m looking at you, Mom)!


If you asked your horse what they wanted to achieve this year, what would they say? Tell us about in the comments!

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