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SmartPaks help keep Jon McCrea’s horses “on the healthy path”



The health of Jon McCrea’s horses means more to him than “just another competition,” so he trusts his horses’ health to SmartPaks. And when he’s competing all over the world, SmartPaks make it easy to ensure his horses still get the right supplements, in the right amount, every time.

Want to get your horse on SmartPaks, too? It’s easy! Just head to to get started. And to make them even better, SmartPaks over $40 ship free, and by signing up for SmartPaks, you’re eligible to sign up for SmartPerks, which gets you 10% off all SmartPak tack and apparel everyday. What could be better than that?

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One comment on “SmartPaks help keep Jon McCrea’s horses “on the healthy path”
  1. Susann Spivey says:

    Wonderful video . SmartPak is my provider also .

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