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The Gray Wars

J.P. and I found each other in the beginning of 2011 when I was horse hunting for my next hunter/jumper project. I knew having a gray horse who was leaning towards the whiter side of the scale was going to be tough, especially one with lots of crud build up all over her body and a totally stained tail. I quickly set to research what would work best on grays but was still gentle enough to be used in frequent baths for shows. After doing a good amount of research as well as old fashioned trial and error I came across Lucky Braids All-in-One Shampoo and have never looked back!

Since using the Lucky Braids All-in-One Shampoo, I have been thrilled with my mare’s coat. Gone are the days of using cleaners, whiteners, shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers individually, which was followed up the next day with spray stain removers, more shampoo, touch-up sprays, baby powder, and probably some tears. It was an all-out war, with every bath a battle fought, and opening the stall door the following morning was counting my casualties.

For the first bath of the spring I like to douse J.P.’s tail in the Dry Wash spray before I lather her body up with a very diluted mix of Lucky Braids All-in-One Shampoo and water. I use a Jelly Scrubber on the fine side to make sure I’m gently getting everything down to the skin before hosing her off, saving her tail for last and giving it a good scrub with the remaining soapy water. After rinsing her tail I spray it again with the Dry Wash and allow it to air dry. I buff with a hand towel to promote water removal and encourage her natural oils to recover.

The human pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil in the Lucky Braids All-in-One Shampoo is a natural combatant to all sorts of fungi, which in turn can encourage a healthier environment for your horse’s skin. Paired with LOTS of daily currying, I have been able to keep rub spots and broken hairs at the top of the tail at bay while never giving dirt a chance to stick around and cause build-up. It also encourages natural oils to coat the skin and hair thoroughly, eliminating dry coats and giving a natural shine from underneath that makes my girl gleam silver.

The gentle, fragrance-free, and salt-free formula helps ensure that my sensitive mare doesn’t get dried out. Lots of aloe in the product also works as a natural conditioner. It moisturizes the skin and coat naturally, helping bring forth that blue gleam and preventing hair from tangling.

Last are the enzymes included that break the bond between the intruding stain and the hair shaft. Even when my mare lays in manure the night before the show I don’t fret. Stains seem to sit on top of her coat and for the most part curry right out. Otherwise, a spritz with the Lucky Braids Dry Wash/Whitener and a wipe with a towel takes the stain right off. Even during the cold months when I am unable to bathe I find with regular grooming her skin and coat are far easier to maintain all winter long.

LB bath

I’m ecstatic that I found a product that will meet all of my needs, having a horse who is sensitive, prone to skin irritations and fungi, a mare who loves to be stained, and a gray. I have replaced my regiment of foot soldiers toting muskets with a few good men and a cannon. Even when I watch her roll in the muddy turnout, making sure she takes the time to really grind her jaw into the spot that looks suspiciously like poop, I realize the battles may be messy but I’m still winning this war.

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