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The Top 5 Things Your SmartPak Customer Care Team Wants You to Know

#1 We’re Riders, Too!
We understand your horse-obsessed, dirt-under-the-fingernails, I’ll-be-home-soon-I’m-just-stopping-by-the-barn-quick life. OTTBs? We’ve got ‘em! Warmbloods? We’ve got ‘em! Morgans, Arabs, Quarter Horses, and Chincoteague Ponies? We’ve got ‘em! So there’s no question too big or too small for us to answer for you!


#2 We’re SmartPak Customers, Too!
I mean, we own horses so we’d be crazy not to shop at our own company, right? Our horses use SmartPaks, we love having the peace of mind of ColiCare, and we’ve ALL tried on Piper Breeches! If you need some factual information (like, ‘What is the drop on the SmartPak Medium Diamond AP Saddle Pad?”) or some hands-on knowledge (like, ‘Does the Rockin’ SP tack come pretty soft?” – spoiler, it does!), we’re here to help and if we haven’t used it ourselves, we can find someone who has!

#3 Training is Mandatory
We don’t let just anyone talk to our awesome customers! We all start at SmartPak as eager horse-people, but we become much more than that before we even speak to our first customer. There’s extensive training we go through to be sure you have the best experience possible with the most knowledgeable SmartPaker available. Our training never ends, either! We constantly have new things to learn and refresher courses to take (in fact, I think I may be late for a parasite control refresher as I write this!) so we can be sure we’re giving you the most accurate information available. Talking about your horse’s supplement program is one of our favorite conversations to have, so if you think your horse could benefit from a multi-vitamin or you’re interested to see how digestive support could help your show horse, we can (and want to) help!

Group Training

#4 We Can’t Give Medical Advice
While we do have an amazing team of experienced riders and owners, we still go to our own vets for the big stuff, and some medium stuff, and a lot of small stuff. We’d love to be able to diagnose your horse’s issues over the phone, but it’s not only super hard, it’s super illegal to practice veterinary medicine without a license! We’re absolutely happy to share our personal experiences, but we’re always going to recommend that you work with your vet. Healthy horses are our #1 priority, and nothing beats having a trained professional at your side to ensure your horse is getting the best care possible!

#5 Making Your Day Makes Ours
Whether you email us 12 times a month, call in once a week, post on Facebook once in a blue moon, or quietly order online without ever needing to talk to us- you are ALL our favorite customer. When we hang up the phone knowing you’re on the way to the barn for an awesome lesson with your new monogrammed saddle pad, get an email with photos of how great your horse looks after a few months of SmartShine Ultra, or see a post on social media about how much easier your life is thanks to the SmartBlanket App, we celebrate! No, really, we do. With pom-poms. The best part of our day is when we know we’ve helped make yours better. So thank YOU for everything you do as a SmartPak customer, and #HaveAGreatRide!

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One comment on “The Top 5 Things Your SmartPak Customer Care Team Wants You to Know
  1. Lisa says:

    The staff at SmartPak is AWESOME!! Every time I speak to someone, my questions are answered and my day is great. Thank you for employing such great people.

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