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Ask the Vet – Lyme disease in horses, fly sheets, how much can a horse carry, and more! – May 2016



You asked, we answered! In this episode of our monthly series, Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer your questions about how much weight can a horse carry, Lyme disease in horses, the difference between hay stretcher, extender, and forage replacer, and fly and pest protection for horses.

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Questions answered in this episode:
1. How do I know how much weight a horse can carry (how much the rider can weigh before it gets “bad” for the horse)? I know it depends on age, experience and muscles on the horse, but can you count it out?
2. My horse was diagnosed with Lyme disease this past winter (we live in CT). Her most prominent symptom was behavioral change. She went from a laid back easy horse to being very difficult to handle. What are some of the other signs/symptoms of Lyme disease in horses? What are the treatment options? Can it cause any long term complications?
3. Could you explain the difference between hay stretcher and extender and forage replacer? Is it companies using different names or is there an actual difference?
4. I’m considering getting a fly sheet for my horse, but living in Alabama it stays pretty hot and humid year round with the exception of three or four months. Is there any point where it may be too hot/too humid for a fly sheet while out in the pasture? Would I be better off without a fly sheet?
5. I was wondering if you had any tips on a horse that is very sensitive to bug bites in the summer and ends up with hives and rubbing her mane/tail out?

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4 comments on “Ask the Vet – Lyme disease in horses, fly sheets, how much can a horse carry, and more! – May 2016
  1. Will Reburn says:

    What stops horse flies?

  2. Rosemary Hubble says:

    So informative thank you

  3. LAR says:

    It would be nice if SmartPaks made transcripts of these videos. Many people, particularly people on horse farms, do not have unlimited data on high speed internet. My 5 GB on 4G LTE for $50 is insufficient to listen to these videos.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi LAR,

      Thanks for your comment! The transcript for this video is available in this blog post just below where you play the video. You should see a gray bar below the video that has an arrow on the left side and “3PlayMedia” on the right side. If you click that arrow, the box will expand so that you can view the full transcript, and you can also print it or download it for easy reading.

      – SmartPaker Lexi

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