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Dog of the Month: Clyde

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment, our canine SmartPakers are just as remarkable as our human employees! They all play an important role around the office, and each of them has a distinct personality that makes them a delight to share our work space with. We know that horse people and dog people are often one in the same, so we thought it would be fun to share some of our SmartPak pups with you!

This month we’re featuring Clyde, a very lovable hound mix who is an office favorite. He works in Customer Care with his owner, Emily.

Clyde 1

Emily as a SmartPaker:
I work in Customer Care as a Product Specialist, so day to day I get to talk to with our awesome customers on the phone. My favorite thing about being a SmartPaker is developing relationships with the people that I talk to and helping them with their horses. Though I grew up as a hunter/jumper rider, these days as long as I’m riding, I am happy – regardless of the type of saddle. SmartPak has so many different customers that are united by the same love of horses, and getting to share that joy with them every day is great. I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people over the years because of it!

clye 2
Clyde as SmartPaker:
Clyde is the social butterfly of SmartPak. He wants to meet any dog or any person that walks by – everyone is a friend in his eyes! When we walk into work in the morning, he has to stop and say hi to everyone we pass. He spends most of his day napping under my desk, but his favorite part of the day is when he gets to go outside on a walk. Because he’s so friendly and well behaved (and cute!) he is one of the office favorites to take for a walk – anytime a friend is going outside, he gets to go to! He loves running around and stretching his long legs, and it’s a nice break from his napping.

Clyde’s Best Friend:
Because Clyde simply loves everyone so much, I really can’t say that he has a best friend! He does have certain friends he loves walking with, and one of his favorites is Tucker, another resident Customer Care dog employee. They have a lot of fun playing together outside, especially when the weather warms up!

Clyde’s Favorites:
Since Clyde is so tall, athletic, and active, I like to support his joint health with the Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs. He must think that they’re treats because they’re so tasty – he waits for me to put the tablets in his food every morning!

He also relies on the warmth of his SmartPak Fleece Dog Coat. This is a great light layer that keeps him warm and toasty when he’s running around outside in the cold New England weather. He even got his name embroidered on the side, which is a really nice touch.

SmartPak Fleece Dog Coat
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clye 3

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