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Dog of the Month: Tinker

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment, our canine SmartPakers are just as remarkable as our human employees! They all play an important role around the office, and each of them has a distinct personality that makes them a delight to share our work space with. We know that horse people and dog people are often one in the same, so we thought it would be fun to share some of our SmartPak pups with you!

This month, we’re featuring Tinker, the small but mighty Yorkshire Terrier that works with Michelle on the Written Communication Team in Customer Care!

Tink sleeping at work

Michelle as a SmartPaker
I have been at SmartPak for 5 ½ years now, and I have loved being a part of this growing company. Currently I work on the Written Team, which means I get to communicate with our customers via email. I love being able to help our awesome customers every day, and with emails, it means I get to see some seriously cute photos of their horses and dogs after chatting about them!

Tinker on desk

Tinker as a SmartPaker
Tinker has been a SmartPaker for just under two years now, and she LOVES going to work with me every day. To get her out of bed in the morning I have to tell her where we are going! If it’s not to work, she’ll stay in bed, thank you very much. When she comes into the office each morning, her routine is to eat her breakfast, then ask to sit in my lap. From there, she craftily maneuvers herself onto my desk and pops her head over the cube walls so that she can visit our other coworkers. Usually, she ends up being passed from person to person, basking in the cuddles and praises she receives from everyone. Some days, she also gets an extra work out in by participating in gymnastic and puissance activities that her coworkers set up for her. They will stack SmartPak strips and other office supplies together to create jumps for her to clear, which makes for a great afternoon break and a tired pup! There’s always a lot going on in the office during the day, so Tinker never gets bored!

Tinker Jump 2
Tinker Jump 1

Tinker’s Best Friend
Tinker’s best dog friend at work is Tucker. From the first day they met they have been in love! Tucker is much larger than Tinker, but he’ll get down on his belly and lay on his side so that Tink can climb all over him. He’s so gentle with her, and he has even tried to pick her up by her harness to carry her away with him!

Tinker’s Favorites Products
Tinker has a sensitive tummy so she unfortunately doesn’t get too many treats. The Probios Dog Treats are a great option for her because they support healthy digestion and she still gets something yummy to eat!

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