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Dog of the Month: Squish

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment, our canine SmartPakers are just as remarkable as our human employees! They all play an important role around the office, and each of them has a distinct personality that makes them a delight to share our work space with. We know that horse people and dog people are often one in the same, so we thought it would be cool to share some of our SmartPak pups with you!

This month, we’re featuring Squish, the adorably fluffy Corgi that works with Mary, our Executive Assistant!

Squish 2

Mary as a SmartPaker
I am the Executive Assistant here at SmartPak, currently supporting four members of our Chief Executive Team (and boy do they keep me busy!). I take all administrative functions off their hands and anticipate their needs (aka mind read), which allows them to focus on running the company and, of course, making SmartPak smarter.

Squish 3

Squish as a SmartPaker
Every morning when we get to the office, Squish makes the rounds and visits pretty much every lady SmartPaker we pass on the walk to my desk. He’s quite the heartbreaker. Squish is beloved by lots of SmartPakers, and he gets visitors several times a day who just need a Squish break! He’s definitely a team player, and he’s great for morale. When he’s not greeting visitors, he can almost always be found at my desk napping – usually with his head resting on one of my chair legs. He also loves snoozing belly up or in the “sploot” position, he’s quite versatile! Squish also loves to show off his tricks to everyone. He’s especially good at balancing treats on his nose, as long as he gets to gobble them up for the grand finale!

Squish 5

Squish’s Best Friend
Squish is totally smitten with Rue, who works with her owner Casey on our Marketing Team. Every single time I walk Squish to go out he stops in his tracks and stares longingly at his lady love. Outside of his not-so-secret crush on Rue, Squish gets along with just about every other dog in the office. He’s pretty happy to be anywhere with anyone!

Squish 7

Squish’s Favorite Products
Squish has quite the collection of SmartPak products, and one of his favorites is the English Bridle Leather Clincher Collar by Tory. We love how stylish but subtle the details of this collar are!

Squish is proud to be powered by SmartCanine Health, and he gets a tablet every morning as a reward for jumping in the backseat of the car for work. Even though he’s young, I feel great knowing that he’s getting support to help him stay healthy for years to come.

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Squish also loves munching on the Whimzees Dental Chews. These are awesome because they help clean his teeth and they keep him busy for hours. With the number of kisses Squish gives me a day, I love these treats just as much as he does!

Whimzees Dental Chews

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Squish 4

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