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Fall Riding Essentials

When I think of the fall season, two things come to mind. Everything pumpkin spice and sweater weather. I am a summer girl through and through, but the thought of not having to do barn chores drenched in sweat and gasping for breath in 100% humidity is beyond appealing.

Recently while my husband was sitting with his eyes glued to the TV (Fantasy Football, anyone?), I headed to the barn to dust off all of my favorite cold weather horse gear and pulled my fall riding attire out of hiding. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite fall essentials to use before we enter the frozen tundra of winter.

1. Sunshield Long Sleeve Shirt by SmartPak
I am a huge fan of this shirt during any season, but particular during the fall paired with my favorite vests. They are the perfect layering piece (thin and soft), plus the different colors add a fun pop of color during those dreary fall days. I also collect the Piper Long Sleeve Tee and Piper Bateau Neck Long Sleeve because they are flattering, inexpensive and don’t take up a ton of room in my already crowded closet.

SunShield Longsleeve Shirt by SmartPak
(159 reviews)
Piper Bateau Neck Longsleeve T-Shirt by SmartPak


Sale Price: $10.99

(25 reviews)

2. Vests
As stated above, my love for vests runs deep. Vests look classy, create a slim silhouette while riding, and offer freedom of movement unlike stuffy winter jackets. Some of my favorites are the Personalized Breeze Vest which can be monogrammed with your name, barn logo or a fun graphic, the Ariat Ideal Tiro Vest, Horseware Eve Padded Vest, and the Dubarry Cullin Quilt Vest.

Personalized Breeze Vest

(9 reviews)
Ariat Ideal Tiro Vest
(1 reviews)
Dubarry Cullin Quilt Vest

3. Noble Outfitters Homerun Crew Sweater
Love this sweater! It’s soft and cozy without being bulky.

Noble Outfitters Homerun Crew Sweater

4. Solstice Waterproof Tall Buckle Boot
I’ve owned this boots since last fall and I don’t know how I ever made it through the past seasons without them. These boots are comfy and stylish, which make them the best boot in and out of the barn as they look equally adorable with a dress, jeans or breeches.

Solstice Waterproof Tall Buckle Boot
(119 reviews)

5. Back on Track Scarf
Scarves go with vests like pumpkin spice and lattes. I love this scarf because it is light weight and can be worn several different ways. My horse isn’t the only one that can wear Back on Track, I gotta have it too!

Back on Track Scarf/Shawl

(12 reviews)

6. SmartPak Fleece Quarter Sheet
I have a few different quarter sheets stuffed in my tack truck, but I always tend to go back to this one. This sheet stays in place while riding, attaches easily and quickly, washes well, and it doesn’t shock my horse every time I pull it off. Plus, it keeps my horse’s back nice and toasty (without getting too hot!) on those cool evening rides.

SmartPak Fleece Quarter Sheet

(226 reviews)

7. Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper
As we approach the winter, I always double check my body clippers, blades and supplies. I have used the Andis clippers for a few years and have never been disappointed. They are quiet and the blades are a breeze to clean and switch. Two of my other clipping must haves are the Andis Cool Care Plus and the Andis Blade Care Plus to keep the blades clean, lubricated and cool.

Andis Cool Care Plus

(7 reviews)
Andis Blade Care Plus

(3 reviews)


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