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Stuff Riders Spook At…

We get you, because we are you, and we know that around every turn at the barn lies something terrifying…but usually only if you’re a horse person/rider. For this video, we asked the riders at SmartPak two questions: 1) What things scare you only if you are with your horse, and 2) What horsey nightmares have you had?

Of the tons and tons of responses we got, we used 21 of them in the video. Can you spot them all? Let us know in the comments! (And be sure to tell us what we missed!) Last but not least, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you can know when our next masterpiece comes out!

Happy Halloween!

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2 comments on “Stuff Riders Spook At…
  1. Lynn weiner says:

    Very funny and cute. Thank you for posting.

  2. debbie rapp says:

    Thank You for all the Valuable Information. I do not own a horse, but hope to buy one someday. I ride weekly at a Wonderful Stable in Ohio.

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