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Ask the Vet – Hot and Cold Therapy, Feed Labels, Horse Hydration, and more! – December 2016



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You asked, we answered! In this episode of our monthly series, Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer your questions about hot and cold therapy, guaranteed analysis on feed labels, getting horses to drink water in the winter, when to switch your horse to a senior feed, and round bales of hay. Plus, #dadjokes!

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Questions answered in this episode:
1. What is the difference between hot and cold therapy (i.e. sweating the leg and icing or cold hosing, respectively), and under what circumstances should each be used?
2. How do you break down and interpret the guaranteed analysis on a feed label?
3. I know during the fall and winter it is a lot easier for horses to become dehydrated. Because of the cooler temperatures, they aren’t as inclined to drink their water as they are in the hotter months. This was the reason my horse got impaction colic last week. It was a very scary experience and I really don’t want it to happen again. What are some ways to encourage horses to drink during the fall and winter months and make sure they stay hydrated, other than keeping fresh water in front of them all the time and providing a salt lick?
4. When should you switch your horse to a senior feed?
5. Are round bales healthy enough for horses to eat? Do they provide enough minerals to help maintain a healthy diet in horses?

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3 comments on “Ask the Vet – Hot and Cold Therapy, Feed Labels, Horse Hydration, and more! – December 2016
  1. Evy Tinney says:

    How can I prevent abscess after abscess during the winter??
    We live in the Northwest where it’s wet & soggy for months on end. Our horses are free to roam in and out of a covered arena 24/7. Our 2 mares, a Thoroughbred and her daughter, an Appendix, have one abscess after another and we can’t ride for weeks at a time. One of our 2 geldings rarely gets one, and the other gelding has never had one. Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I just finished watching your video discussing how to read feed labels.
    My question is this: I do not feed grain only a vitamin/mineral supplement as directed on the label. Does that mean my horse is getting 100% of the ingredients listed? How do I know it is adequate?

    She has access to pasture 8 hours a day and good quality orchard grass twice a day.

  3. kimberly allison says:

    I have a mare who has had lyme 2 times in the last 4 years. her immune system is non existant at this time. she still has hives all over even tho it’s December. how do I rebuild her immune system and how do I get rid of the hives? hydroxozine does not work for her.

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