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Dog of the Month: Kevin

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment, our canine SmartPakers are just as remarkable as our human employees! They all play an important role around the office, and each of them has a distinct personality that makes them a delight to share our work space with. We know that horse people and dog people are often one in the same, so we thought it would be cool to share some of our SmartPak pups with you!

This month we’re featuring Kevin, the sweet “Mystery Mix” that works with his owner Carrie on our Creative Team. When she adopted him he was described as a corgi/lab mix, but it’s really anyone’s guess!


Carrie as a SmartPaker
My job title here at SmartPak is Production Designer. I work on the Creative Team doing small collateral pieces and help putting together our catalogs. One of the most important job functions I have is pre-flighting catalog files to make sure everything goes smoothly once the printer gets our files. Some people might think the nitty-gritty details are the less interesting part of the creative field, but I LOVE my job! There are lots of great perks about working for SmartPak – everyone is so passionate about healthy horses and happy riders, we do some fun work events, and I get to bring my dog to the office!

Kevin as a SmartPaker
Kevin is always very excited when we walk through the SmartPak door in the morning. He greets our desk neighbor, Erin, then usually gets to work unstuffing all his toys. Kevin is a little bit shy but if you bring a treat when you visit, you will have an immediate new best friend.


Kevin’s Best Friend
Kevin’s best friend at work is Amos the Greyhound. When Amos arrives in the office, Kevin immediately starts a quiet whine until he can go over and say hello. Kevin and Amos love to go on walks together and sometimes even field trips.


Kevin’s Favorite Products
We switched Kevin to Wellness Core Original Formula early this year and he loves it! We get his food in AutoShip PortionPaks, which make feeding time so quick and easy. I also love that they are so easy to travel with.

Wellness® CORE™ Original Dog Formula

 $19.45 - $104.95
(32 reviews)

Even Kevin gets a SmartPak! Kevin’s SmartPak includes SmartCanine SmellFresh to help keep his breath bearable and Missing Link Ultimate Skin & Coat to support a soft and shiny coat.

SmartCanine™ SmellFresh

As Low As: $8.30
(14 reviews)

We also love the Mt. Everlasting Himalayan Dog Chews because they can be slipped into puzzle toys and last a long time.

Mount Everlasting Himalayan Dog Chew

 $6.58 - $114.05
(5 reviews)

Barkworthies Select Bully Sticks are one of Kevin’s favorite treats and I love that they aren’t as smelly as other bully stick brands we’ve tried. (#23645)

Barkworthies Select Bully Sticks

 $7.80 - $82.50
(1 reviews)

For when it’s extra cold out, Kevin has an embroidered SmartPak Fleece Dog Coat. Since he liked wearing it last year I’m thinking about upgrading to the new SmartPak Deluxe Dog Blanket.

SmartPak Fleece Dog Coat
(172 reviews)
SmartPak Deluxe Dog Blanket

 $48.95 - $88.95
(12 reviews)


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