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Nemo Learns to Fly

One of the many things that I love about riding is that you can never stop learning, and can always work on new goals. My horse Nemo, a playful, happy 16hh Morgan, and I have experienced many fun adventures together since I found him a little over five years ago. We’ve practiced low level dressage, trail ridden on the cranberry bogs together, competed in many local shows, found that he loves road hack classes, and even worked on some versatility. As a goal-driven person, I began forming a new goal: seeing if Nemo and I could jump together.


As a rider, jumping has always been something that I’m really passionate about, and absolutely love. I grew up riding hunter/jumper with my childhood horse and best friend, and loved the feeling of a fast, clean course. As I’ve been working with Nemo, I’ve always considered jumping, but decided that, if we jump, I want to make sure it’s something we’re both enjoying together.


We’ve done a little bit of cavaletti and bounce-line work here and there over the years, but I hadn’t truly focused on it as more than a great way to add variety to his training, and keep things fun. I’ve always focused on things that help him with a foundation of balance, self-carriage, and, in his case, coming out of his shell a little bit. After finding that he was consistently putting in solid rides, I decided it was time to give jumping a try.

I have a wonderful group of friends at my barn, and we ride together, on almost a daily basis. One summer afternoon, while riding with everyone, I decided to set up a small vertical jump just for fun. I wanted to see how Nemo would react, and mostly, if it’d be hesitant or willing to take the fence. I was so excited when he perked up and happily hand galloped over it. Since then, we’ve worked on practicing striding, bending lines, and this fall, I was able to jump a 2’6” course with him! It’s so exciting to see him truly enjoying something that I love so much as well.


In the coming months, I’m planning to continue our jumping adventures together, and bring Nemo to a local hunter pace. It’s so rewarding to be able to continue to enjoy a part of riding that meant so much to me when I was growing up. I love being a part of Nemo’s learning, and enjoying learning to fly with him. I can’t wait to have many more adventures with Nemo, and it’ll be fun to see where the next goal, and adventure, brings us.

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