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Unfortunately wrong – SmartPaker Brandan and the Grazing Muzzle

We here at SmartPak have kind of a weird sense of humor. Take this video for example. And this series of videos. And then there is this one, which is part of a larger series of videos.

So yeah…weird. Guilty as charged. Naturally, we like to give our weird brains a nice little exercise now and again, and things often turn out better (read: funnier) than we could have imagined.

So, in the same manner as SmartPaker Kent’s video above (which has a nice explanation of just what the heck Ask a Non-Rider is), we have another Ask a Non-Rider entry that was too good to keep to ourselves. And keeping with the tradition, below the video is a list of our favorite moments along with some running commentary from me, “the video guy.”

0:22    An honest reaction to a very Hannibal-Lecter-looking device. I can respect that. Also, points for not swearing.
0:29    *immediately rescinds all points*
0:33    SmartPaker Sarah’s first attempt to get someone to put it on their head. Also…not her last.
0:43    Success! (I don’t care that he was just playing along with her. She tried to get him to put it on his head. He did. That is a success.)
0:55    Using logic in a situation like this seems like it’d be a good strategy. But if I’ve learned anything in my time at SmartPak (since I’m also not a rider), horses are very…illogical. In a good way, of course (I had to put that in there to keep my angry co-workers at bay).
1:23    Preempting a comment with “I don’t want this to sound weird…” is a surefire way to tell whoever is listening, “I’m about to say something super-weird.” It’s also a pretty good tactic to get a blog written about what you’re about to say.
1:29    At least he expected a bag to be put in it.
1:40    Full disclosure: I used to think something like this would be a great invention. A harness to put on a dog (or other animal) that would catch everything that you would otherwise later have to scoop up? Sign me up. Of course, I was 6 at the time, but whatever.
1:49    At the time, I thought he had it figured out. Not so much.
1:53    Neighing. All. Over. The. Place. You can’t make this stuff up.
2:11    He’s starting to get really red.
2:37    Hey, maybe he’s trying to prevent horses from colicing! Points for a digestive health comment! Now if only he were a rider…
2:51    The fact that he thinks he could be right about his last comment makes my day every time I watch this. Sarah’s, too, based on the laughter coming from off-screen.
3:25    At least he’s paying attention!
3:38    Absolutely no idea why he brought up bears in hibernation. Did I miss something? This seems like a good place to stop.

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