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Did You Know? January is Joint Health Awareness Month!


​Your horse’s joints power his motion, and keeping them healthy is key to keeping him moving comfortably. Joint Health Awareness Month was created to spread the word about how riders can help their horses stay happy, healthy, and moving comfortably for years to come. We’re celebrating by sharing our favorite joint health articles, supplement success stories, videos, and more with you! Check out all of the resources below to learn more about joint health (and keep checking back for more throughout the month!), and don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the conversation about #JointHealthJanuary!

Joint health articles
What to Put In & What to Put On: Joints
What to Put In & What to Put On: Senior
Healthy Joints: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3
Anatomy of Arthritis
Ask the Vet: Joint Supplements as Proactive Maintenance
Meet Your Match
Ask the Vet: Joint Deterioration in Horses
Ask the Vet: Lameness and When to Call the Vet

Joint health videos
Ask the Vet: Supplements for a Horse with Arthritis
Ask the Vet: What are Windpuffs?
Which SmartFlex is Right for You?
Ask the Vet: What is Kissing Spine?

Success Stories from horse owners like you
Meet Lucinda and Lexi
Meet Melissa and Red
Meet Suzanne and Jumpin’ Jack
Meet Rita and Levi
Meet Sarah and Ace
Meet Amy, Charylet, and Pony Tail
Meet Danielle and Skip
Meet Matlin and Fancy
Meet Andrew and Electra
Meet Kathryn and Ducati
Meet Alyssa and Whiskey
Meet Karissa and Walleroo
Meet Toni Kay and Rootbeer

Joint supplements
Ready to pick the perfect joint supplement for your horse? Check out our wide selection and keep your eyes peeled for special deals on select joint supplements!

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  1. Alyce Johnston says:

    I ordered some tops and breeches during your sale, I received the tops but the breeches have not arrived. Just wondering where they might be.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Alyce,

      Thanks for shopping with SmartPak! I’ve passed your question along to our Customer Care Team and they’ll be reaching out to you via email.

      – SmartPaker Lexi

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