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How It Works: Ingredients to support your horse’s hindgut

How it works:
Probiotics are microscopic organisms that help break down food in the hindgut and are responsible for the production of energy and some vitamins.

Prebiotics are sources of non-digestible, soluble fiber that serve as food for probiotics, keeping them healthy so that they can perform their important role in the digestive process.

Enzymes break down fats, protein, and starch into smaller particles that are able to be absorbed.

Yeast supports fiber digestion and assists in adjusting to feed changes.

Why it matters:
Your horse’s hindgut has many important jobs, including digesting his forage, playing a role in immune health, absorbing key nutrients, and more. Unfortunately, it’s often under stress from common activities like training, traveling, and competing, and typical barn events like hay or grain changes. That stress can lead to poor hindgut function, which can seriously impact your horse’s performance and overall health. Luckily, one way you can help your horse cope with digestive stress is by providing daily support for a healthy and balanced hindgut.

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