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How it works: Ingredients to support your horse’s stomach

How it works:
Calcium and magnesium help neutralize the gastric acid that your horse’s stomach is constantly producing.

L-Glutamine and sea buckthorn help support the integrity and resilience of stomach lining.

Lecithin protects gastric tissue by forming a barrier between the contents of your horse’s stomach and his sensitive stomach lining.

Glycine has been shown to help limit excess gastric acid production and protect the stomach lining.

Herbs like aloe vera, licorice, slippery elm, and marshmallow root may help soothe the stomach lining.

Why it matters:
Your horse’s stomach was designed to continuously produce acid to help break down food. In a natural grazing situation, where a horse is eating and chewing all day, the stomach acid produced is buffered by forage and saliva, keeping it from damaging the sensitive stomach lining. However, the modern horse’s diet is often composed of infrequent meals of hay and grain, with most of the day spent with an empty stomach. This practice can lead to gastric upset, which can affect your horse’s attitude, performance, and overall health. For that reason, daily support from several key ingredients is a smart way to help ensure that your horse has what he needs to maintain a healthy stomach.

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