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SmartPaker Picks: My Favorite New Products

As a longtime SmartPak employee, I am fortunate to get to see so many new, unique and innovative products- by far the hardest part is not buying them all!

Below I’ve put together a few of my favorite new products that SmartPak has added to their lineup recently- check all of them out and let us know which new products are your favorite in the comments.

Spirulina Pellets by SmartPak
I’ve known about the health benefits of spirulina for years, but my picky mare will not touch powders, let alone a less-palatable one like spirulina. When SmartPak came out with this pelleted form, I couldn’t wait to try it! My horse Luna struggles with both seasonal and respiratory allergies, so this ingredient was the perfect choice to add to her supplement regimen, and she eats them up easily.

Spirulina Pellets by SmartPak

As Low As: $26.95
(17 reviews)

SmartPak Slow Feed Hay Bag
The perfect hay bag may seem like a mythical unicorn, but not anymore! If you haven’t checked out the SmartPak hay bag yet, what are you waiting for? This thing is awesome, so easy to use, and it helps your hay not be wasted and keeps hay in front of your horse longer. It’s a win-win. And with this bag’s easy to fill gator mouth and large capacity, it couldn’t be simpler.

SmartPak Slow Feed Hay Bag

(126 reviews)

Pill Camo
If you’ve ever had to sneak daily meds into a horse who can smell them a mile away, then you know what a struggle it can be (remember when I said my horse was picky?). Recently I had to give her daily medications for a few weeks, and these were a lifesaver! They have a soft center that you can simply push the pill into, and it “disappears”. My mare was none-the-wiser and we were both a lot happier.

Pill Camo™ Original Flavor

 $14.95 - $27.95
(19 reviews)

War Horse Multi-Purpose Cleaner
This stuff smells amazing! Besides making your stable’s aroma significantly better, this gentle cleanser is made to tackle barn grime, yet gentle on skin and the environment. It’s versatile, and can be used on just about anything, from your vehicles, to stall surfaces, to laundry, there isn’t much this soap can’t do.

Pocket Pony All-Organic Horse Treats
As the name implies, these tasty treats are made with entirely organic ingredients in the USA, making them a healthy option. But they also come in the most adorable barn-shaped packaging that makes them great to give as gifts for barn friends, or just to make you smile when you see them in your tack trunk. My horses love the Apples & Carrots and Peppermint flavors!

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