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Ask the Vet – DSLD, bone vs bog spavin, cellulitis, and more! – BONUS EPISODE with Dr. Andy Kaneps

This BONUS episode of Ask the Vet features Dr. Andy Kaneps of Kaneps Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery as our special guest. Dr. Kaneps has worked with SmartPak in the past on various projects, but now he’s here to share his equine veterinary knowledge by answering questions from you, our viewers! Questions were hand-selected from our library of submissions specifically to match his expertise.

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Questions answered in this BONUS episode:
1. I have a horse that has been put on a month of stall rest due to a strained deep digital tendon in his hind leg. While his vet is allowing for hand-walking on solid, flat ground, I was wondering if there are any additional exercises that we can do in his stall to keep him engaged and limber.
2. What can you tell me about degenerative suspensory ligament disease, most particularly what activities, if any, should we avoid?
3. What’s the difference between bone spavin and bog spavin? How do each affect the horse, and how can they be prevented/treated?
4. What is cellulitis and how can it be treated? I recently almost adopted a 10 year old Thoroughbred gelding who has cellulitis in his right hind. He flared up last fall and despite the best efforts of his trainer who used antibiotics and other forms of treatment the swelling never went down. Is there anything that can be done to treat chronic cellulitis?
5. I was wondering…what should I do if I have an accident prone horse who consistently hurts herself?

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One comment on “Ask the Vet – DSLD, bone vs bog spavin, cellulitis, and more! – BONUS EPISODE with Dr. Andy Kaneps
  1. Kalli says:

    #AsktheVetvideo Under what circumstances do you suggest front protective boots be used on a horse in training? Is there a point in the activity level, whether dressage, jumping, or flat work, where front boots are recommended to help prevent tendon and ligament injuries or even just leg collisions?

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