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Riders Are Raving About EquiShure

EquiShure is a time-released hindgut buffer that helps support a normal hindgut pH. Excess lactate, usually from a diet high in starch or sugar, can shift the pH of the hindgut. The more acidic environment kills some of the beneficial fiber-digesting microbes and horse owners may notice a decreased appetite, change in disposition, recurrent digestive upset, and the onset of certain stable vices.

EquiShure is our top pick for horses at risk for hindgut acidosis but you don’t have to take our word for it – it’s been rated an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars by riders like you! Check out these stories from real riders who support their horses with EquiShure:

“She has been eating like normal for over a month. A small price to pay for comfort for my talented, hard-working girl.” – Mikimoto

“EquiShure was recommended by my veterinarian to help my horse with discomfort associated with hindgut acidosis. No more kicking down the walls at feeding time!” – SmartPaker Linda from the SmartPak Retail Store

Check it out for yourself:


As Low As: $42.95
(50 reviews)

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