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#FeelGoodFriday: Dr. Denise Gorondy & Dr. Jennifer Wright


We asked you to tell us why your veterinarian rocks, and now it’s time for us to share your stories! Because your vet makes your horse feel good, thanking your vet makes you feel good, and being thanked makes your vet feel good, we’ll be sharing your submissions every week on #FeelGoodFriday.

This week’s featured veterinarians: Dr. Denise Gorondy and Dr. Jennifer Wright

“My vet, Dr. Denise Gorondy, and her partner Dr. Jennifer Wright are absolutely amazing in their concern for and care of my horses and me as their owner. When my 7-month-old colt came up with a nail imbedded in his deep digital flexor tendon, Dr. Wright was there within minutes and had him on the trailer going to surgery at a specialist within the hour.

Both Dr. Wright and Dr. Gorondy, his normal vet, called frequently to check on his progress and my emotional state. They each reviewed his files carefully and called the surgeon to discuss his case and treatment protocol. Thankfully with their guidance, I have a sound, happy long yearling who was champion of his yearling futurity. Without them, the horse would have been put down, given the surgeon’s prognosis at the time. This is just the most recent example, countless times they have helped me, coming every day through weekends and holidays to make sure my horses got the treatments they needed. For 15 years, I have relied on them and they have never failed me or any of my horses.” – Celia R.

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3 comments on “#FeelGoodFriday: Dr. Denise Gorondy & Dr. Jennifer Wright
  1. Debbie hamill says:

    I agree completely, they are both my vets and truly care about me and my horses. I consider them my friends and completely trust them to help me thru health decisions with my horses.

    • Carley H. says:

      3 Oaks is the best! I recommend Dr. Wright whenever anyone is looking for a vet. 3 Oaks is always supportive, responsive and passionate about the care that they give your horse. A great vet is priceless and they are great!

  2. Judy Chace Peterson says:

    Dr. Jennifer Linderoth Wright has been my horses’ vet since I moved to Virginia 13 year ago. She was the best vet my sweet Morgan Gemini ever had. Her belief and knowledge of alternative medicine made him so happy and comfortable in his last years. I cannot begin to tell you how much she has done for my horses, and in the process become one of my very best friends.

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