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Ask a Non-Rider: Jumpers commentary, Part 2

You may remember some of our previous Ask a Non-Rider videos, where we asked some of the non-riders who work at SmartPak to explain what various equestrian products are used for. For this round of our Ask a Non-Rider series, instead of giving the non-riders products to talk about, we decided to show them some footage of different equestrian competitions and asked them to comment on what they saw.

This episode features SmartPaker Kerri during a Jumpers competition from the early 90s (we think!). By the end of the video, you’ll see why we chose it to show to our non-riders. Watch and be surprised along with our non-horsey colleagues!

Click to watch:
Ask a Non-Rider: Jumpers commentary, Part 1
Ask a Non-Rider: Dressage commentary, Part 1
Ask a Non-Rider: Dressage commentary, Part 2

Want to see what each of them had to say during the entire video? Check out the additional clips below to see the entirety of Chris, Evan, and Rick commentating on Kerri’s performance (or should we say Riker’s performance?)!

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Have any ideas for products or videos we could show some non-riders for our next round of videos? Let us know what they are below in the comments.

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