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Meet Cyndi and Knight

Horse Owner: Cyndi Reid
Horse: Knight
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 30
Discipline: Retired
SmartPaks: SmartHoof Pellets and SmartGut Pellets

I learned to ride on a neighbor’s Shetland pony named Stormy a long time ago. After Stormy, I moved up to a Welsh/Connemara cross named Angie. At 10 years old, I did lots of trail riding and started showing in local shows and the Southern Anne Arundel County Junior Riding Club – an organization that’s over fifty years old and is one of the oldest continuous show series in the state of Maryland! After I outgrew Angie, my parents bought me my own horse, an Appaloosa mare named Cheetah, who I rode all through middle and high school. We had access to about 1000 acres of parkland, and we would go out for the whole day to hang out and trail ride. She was my therapist during those tough teenage years, and it was so very hard when I lost her.

After about a 10-year break, I decided I was really missing something in my life, and that something was horses. I took a lesson at a hack stable, and that’s where it all began again. At this barn I met Knight, a beautiful black Thoroughbred. He quickly became my favorite and for a couple of years, I took out trail rides with him as my guide horse. When the facility was closed and everything was being sold, I bought Knight. I have owned him for about 13 years now and I’m so glad I made the decision to purchase him so long ago.

After I purchased Knight, I moved him to another barn. They had too many horses for them to deal with individual buckets of supplements, and I decided SmartPaks had to be easier than filling baggies all the time. That was in 2005, and I haven’t stopped using them since! Knight’s supplements are automatically delivered directly to the barn (for free!) so I never have to worry about running out. Plus, they’re labeled with his name and the contents.

Knight’s SmartPaks include SmartHoof Pellets and SmartGut Pellets. Before I started Knight on SmartHoof Pellets, his feet were a mess. They were soft and spongy, and shoes didn’t stay on. Since he’s been on the supplement, I’ve been happy with the quality of his hoof growth and he now holds shoes well. Whenever people ask me how Knight’s feet look so good, I tell them about SmartHoof Pellets.

SmartHoof® Pellets

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I added SmartGut Pellets to his SmartPaks after we moved to our current barn. The barn is busy and has a lot of children and activity during the day, which is way different than what he was used to. I could tell that he was getting stressed and grumpy, so I decided to give SmartGut Pellets a try to help his stomach cope with the stress. He’s in the first stall of the barn, and now he loves all the attention that he gets and is his happy self again!

SmartGut® Pellets

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Knight is now over thirty years old, but he’s still going strong and enjoying retirement. I miss not being able to go on rides with him, but I’m very lucky to still have him in my life, and for all the memories we’ve made together.

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3 comments on “Meet Cyndi and Knight
  1. Deborah Alanis, Sacramento says:

    What a beautiful boy! I hope you have many more years together.

  2. Cyndi says:

    Thank you!!

  3. Elizabeth (horses2love) says:

    Dear Cyndi and Knight,
    Your horse story is so much like mine! My sister and I got our first pony, a sweet dapple grey Shetland named Mr. Bitts, when we were in 3rd and 4th grade in Southern California in the late 60’s. We rode him with a bareback pad in a dry reservoir and trails near the stable and often ventured to town for fries as a snack, with him tied to a little tree near the table-kids could do that then! We kept Mr. Bitts and in his senior years he was on pasture with a buddy. Our next pony was Siam, a Welsh/Quarter Horse cross. I learned to ride hunt seat and did some jumping on her at 4-H shows, but I got too tall for her and we sold her to a younger rider. Next was an Arabian gelding, Feyrab, a little bay who was great for trail and arena riding, but got nervous at shows-because I was nervous. He was 8 when we bought him and I was 12. We were together until 1997-he was 32 when he was put down from a twisted intestine. I rode him the day before-he enjoyed short rides at the walk/trot almost daily even the last 5 years of his life. Losing him was so hard-my grade and high school years, college and a few years into married life were all spent with him. In 1982, I had acquired a second Arabian, a tall grey, Nik, as a yearling, to keep Feyrab company. I trained him myself and rode him in the arena and on trails up until 10 years ago when he started to get low in the back. Then I started taking him on walks! He is 36 now! We have a little Arizona horse property. I chop up grass for him and mix it into his soaked hay pellets. He has a very time-consuming feed schedule since he is outliving his molars! Every day with him is precious and he is happy and looks great with a tail that touches the ground! I have a very smart 10 year old chestnut Arabian mare, Heiriel who keeps him entertained and is my most challenging horse so far-I thought I knew it all until she came into my life when she was a yearling! She was bred by my mom and her sire was our show stallion who was born the day I graduated from college! I cannot imagine a life without horses! I should add that over the past 15 years I have relied upon many Smartpak purchases to care for my equine family!

    I love to hear about you and others who keep their horses into old age and consider them part of the family even if they are no longer able to be ridden. They think of us as their family too! It appears that Knight has a dreamy lifestyle with you Cyndi!

    Thank you Smartpak for helping us make connections-I don’t have much of a social life with humans these days! Your videos are great entertainment!

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