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The Shedding Woes

Is there anything better than the signs of spring? The trees and flowers are now in full bloom. The pollen is flying. The onset of summer is soon to come. The birds happily chirping rejoicing in the splendor and glory of the cool mornings and warm days. The peepers peeping oh the joy.

Well that has also has told my horses internal clocks to shed their winter coats to get sleek and smooth for the summer months. To drop the winter coats and put on the beach wear just like us. Put away the sweaters away and pull out the tank tops and shorts.
One problem they do need a bit of help to get there sooner than later!

As I sit here writing this I am still swiping hair from every inch of my being, a shower is certainly on the agenda next. Funny how much hair they lose and I gain on all my clothes, and just about every orifice but I needed to get out to the barn and give my girls some help getting those coats off since mother nature has told them time it’s time to go. So, I did. I compiled my favorite shedding tools old and new and put them to the test.

Now I am old school and love the old fashion shedding blade. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done, but I have been introducing new and exciting elements to my grooming box to aid in this most daunting task.

Shedding Blade

(23 reviews)

I recently purchased the HandsOn® Gloves for Grooming gloves gave them a whirl tonight they certainly did pull off some hair! What I liked best is that they confirm to your hands and are really helpful on the legs, face, butt cheeks, tummy and other hard to reach areas where the shedding blade would be too hard and can’t reach.

HandsOn® Gloves for Grooming

(129 reviews)

The Slick ‘N Easy™ is always a go to in my grooming box. These are super. We put it to the test tonight also pulled a good amount of coat but feel like these are better suited when you don’t have a yeti to groom. This worked best in the areas where the coats where already blown and pulled the last hairs out and made that area shine.

Slick 'N Easy™

(144 reviews)

When all else fails and you just need to get it done, go to the clippers. I bought the Wahl Show Pro Plus Clippers years ago and they are still sharp and ready to go. These mini ponies had no trace of a bridle path and pulled these out of the tack box and cut perfect. Honestly I am not one for maintenance didn’t need any oil or lube cut perfect as I left them last season.

Show Pro Plus Clippers

(113 reviews)

I hope my noooos are your gooooes to get out there and get them coats off! With these products, a husband willing or not to help and a hazmat suit you will be ready to de-shed and make your horses summer ready. Happy shedding and grooming!

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