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When we say that the ColiCare™ program will give you peace of mind, you don’t have to take our word for it. See what these riders are saying on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about why they’ve chosen to enroll their horses in ColiCare.

“Knowing that Kosmisch has this coverage keeps me from worrying about the high cost of potential colic surgery should he face what we all fear: a life-threatening bout of colic. Thank you for this program, though I hope we never have to use it. #WhyIColiCare”

“My Clifford lives at a large boarding facility. I have no control over changes in his hay, and that can lead to digestive issues. Being part of the ColiCare program gives me peace of mind that I have done everything I can to take care of him! #WhyIColiCare”

“Because Luna was enrolled in ColiCare, I was able to afford the colic surgery that saved her life! I am forever grateful for this program and for SmartPak and the wonderful people that helped save her. #WhyIColiCare”

“Tucker gives me everything, and the ColiCare program gives me peace of mind that I’m giving him everything I can, too. #WhyIColiCare”

“Toes is my everything! I enrolled her in ColiCare so that she can get the best possible care in any situation. #WhyIColiCare”

“I take Louie’s health care seriously because when you have an animal like a horse, taking responsibility for their care is so important. It is good to know the ColiCare program will be there for us should I ever have to make an emotional decision over colic surgery. #WhyIColiCare”

“I enrolled Brownie in the ColiCare program so I can have peace of mind that she is getting the very best digestive health supplement and that we’re covered if she ever needs colic surgery. If that horrible day ever comes that she does need surgery, I’ll be able to focus on her care instead of thinking about finances. #WhyIColiCare”

“Stiltz is enrolled in ColiCare because he deserves nothing but the best, as well as peace of mind for me, of course! #WhyIColiCare”

“I have had my horse Buddy enrolled in ColiCare for about half a year now. As a freshman in college, it is reassuring to know that SmartPak is behind me if something were to happen, which is really special. #WhyIColiCare”

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