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A Day in the Life of Isaac

Hi, my name is Issac, I am an 8-year-old Collie who comes to work with my Auntie Jess every day. My mom Rachel works in the Returns Department at SmartPak and dogs can’t go into the warehouse, so I hang with my Auntie Jess during the day. I just love coming into work, because not only do I get a break from my two-year-old sister Riot, but everyone just loves me and gives me treats!

First thing in the morning, I get in the car with my Mom and we head to work, where I either wait in Mom’s car or at Auntie Jess’s desk until Auntie Jess comes in. In the morning, Auntie Jess gets some coffee and gets right down to work while I schmooze treats and take a nap. My favorite treats are the Earthborn Holistics Earth Bites (cheese or peanut butter flavor) and the Whimzees Dental Chews(who doesn’t LOVE a good toothbrush).

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Mid-morning, we usually take a break and go for a quick walk, and sometimes my buddies Bentley or Toby come along. At lunch time my Mom comes up and we usually go for another walk, or just sit in the shade down at the field. Sometimes Bentley comes out with us and we play the whole break, then we go back in and I sleep some more. We sit near the door, so whenever someone comes by I always get treats! When the day is done, my mom will come up and grab me and take me home, and then we get up the next day and do it all over again!

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