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Bring Out Your Inner Fly Ninja

I don’t know about where you are but here in Massachusetts we are now in full swing in our nasty ole fly season. Some of our warmer weather friends have been inundated already for quite some time and our colder weather friends are right behind us with the full fly season heading your way. Any way you look at it, it can be a miserable time for you, your horses and other animals. The repulsive buzzing, the biting, horses swishing and stomping every second can get everyone down. Don’t let them buggers get the best of you or your horses! I will give you some great ideas how to bring out your fly ninja moves and take them down.

Now, I do have additional help with rafters full of barn swallows – they do devour a lot of the bugs. If you don’t mind bird poop all over everything, these little fellows do their job and help to keep flies and bugs at bay, but don’t be disheartened if you don’t have that bit of extra help. You still can put a big dent in your fly population with a few of our nifty top picks!

I tried out five products we have here at SmartPak and put them to the test.

First up: Fly Predators, which I’ve used for years.

I was sad that I mistakenly left my poor bugs out on the side of my stainless grill to spread after my chickens went to bed and the next day with the morning sun and heat I regretfully terminated the package of little guys. I know sad but the good news is I got this new delivery today so I could show you all exactly how they look when you get them. You should leave them for about 5-7 days to hatch in a NOT in sunny or hot area once they hatch you will see them climbing all around the bag, you just pull it open and sprinkle these little wonders all over your manure areas and they take care of the rest. I personally would not go without them. I know it’s hard not seeing them work but rest assured they do help with your ninja moves.

Fly Predators®

 $19.95 - $105.95
(135 reviews)

Next, I tried the EZ Trap Fly Trap for the first time.

These come at a great price, and you get two of them. This product intrigued me because it said no odor, no mess. I didn’t fully realize that they are very sticky type of trap, but that means that I take caution not to hang these where birds or other critters can get into them. I conveniently have a flower hanger by the deck with no flowers on it at this point, so thought that would be a nice place to try them. These were solid and easy to hang, and they are doing the job keeping us comfortable while sitting out and enjoying the summer nights.

EZ Trap Fly Trap

(38 reviews)

The next product I tried was the Trap N’ Toss.

I have used these in the past and decided to get one for over by my chicken coop, which is behind the barn. There is a good amount of fly activity over there. I picked this particular product because it’s not the sticky-type, so it’s safe for the birds and they don’t get stuck on anything. You pull out the attractant and instruction pack, flip it upside down, add water to the fill line and put the package of smelliness in. Flip it back over and you are ready to lure in the flies. These can be temperamental, but it’s all about the location. If you don’t see flies in it at first, consider moving it to a new location. If it gets sunlight, even better, because that helps get them buggers to enter the trap of no return. One thing to keep in mind with these guys is to be careful when you’re disposing of them – I like to put them in a solid bag and then take them off to the dump when they’re full.

Trap N' Toss

(43 reviews)

My next product was another one that’s new to me: the VeruGreen BugPellent.

I really liked the sound of this product since it is environmentally friendly and contains natural oils and organic waxes. Out of the box this smells good – if you like a citronella smell, this is for you! When the wind blows through the barn I can even smell this up on the deck and it’s a nice smell.

VeruGreen BugPellent

 $15.95 - $18.95
(54 reviews)

Now to my number one pick…the FlyStik!

You will be amazed at this wonderful fly master! Yes, it’s sticky. Yes, it’s nasty to look at it when it’s full of dead bugs. But I will say that this is the best darn thing in the barn! This is so much better than rolls of fly tape that always are a super pain to hang. I do have a sweet spot in my barn where I know it’s safe to hang between the grain room and aisle way. Again, be careful not to catch the horse, kids, husband, birds, or your hair because this is a sticky stik! It’s been hanging for three days and already I cannot see the orange on this. I am ordering more now!

Fly Stik™

 $5.95 - $11.95
(18 reviews)

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