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Dog of the Month: Amos

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the many perks about working for SmartPak is that we have a dog-friendly office (pretty cool, right?). While you might think that this would make for a loud and stressful work environment, our canine SmartPakers are just as remarkable as our human employees! They all play an important role around the office, and each of them has a distinct personality that makes them a delight to share our work space with. We know that horse people and dog people are often one in the same, so we thought it would be cool to share some of our SmartPak pups with you!

This month we’re featuring Amos, the sweet and sociable Greyhound that works in Creative with his mom, Holly!

Holly as a SmartPaker:
I have been working in the Creative Department at SmartPak for almost 10 years—wow, a whole decade! My job title is Creative Production Manager and I help design our print catalogs and fine tune our creative processes so that our designers work as effectively and efficiently as possible. I love all the opportunities for creativity that we have available to us at SmartPak. There is nothing more fun than taking a half-baked idea and turning it into a fun and engaging marketing vehicle to help educate and engage our customers. I also love that our main mission as a company is to help horse owners take the best possible care of their horses (and dogs!).

Amos as a SmartPaker
I adopted Amos from Greyhound Pets of America-Massachusetts over five years ago and he will be turning eight years old on August 20th. Amos is laid-back, sociable, and sweet. Amos’ first day at SmartPak was August 1st, 2012. He LOVES coming into the office. I usually ask him in the morning “do you want to go to work?!” and his excitement level skyrockets! He loves riding in the car on our way to work and he enjoys his days napping, receiving cookies from co-workers, as well as comments about how handsome he is. The only time that Amos makes any noise at work is when he is dreaming and will sometimes “woof” in his sleep, it is an adorable distraction.

In 2013, when I realized how much Amos loves people and getting attention I decided to train him to receive his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications. Amos was officially certified on January 12, 2014. Amos has utilized his talents over the past few years by volunteering for his adoption group GPA MA by participating in local meet & greets and parades to help bring awareness to greyhound adoption. We have visited a nursing home to brighten the resident’s days by allowing them to pet him and have conversations about animals that they once owned and loved. And since January 2017 Amos and I have been participating in a program called Tail Waggin’ Tutors at our local public library. Children read a book to Amos as he listens non-judgmentally helping them to build their confidence by reading aloud. We have had over 20 reading sessions with over 50 children and it has been a popular and well-received program. The library has been amazingly supportive of our volunteer efforts and they love Amos so much, that they are throwing him a special birthday party to help celebrate with all his book club members next month.

Amos’ Best Friend
Amos’ best friend at SmartPak would be his good buddy Kevin. Kevin usually gets into the office before Amos and I, and he stares at the entrance waiting for us to arrive. Once we step foot into the door Kevin usually gets very excited and can’t wait to greet us as we settle into our space. Amos and Kevin usually take their daily walks around the office park or sometimes we’ll make special trips to a local bike path/beach. Amos and Kevin also enjoy running together in my fenced-in back yard. Amos is a greyhound and can potentially run up to 45 mph, but Kevin is the only non-greyhound dog that I have met that can keep up with Amos, even with his little legs! Someone made an analogy once that Amos is like a cooler, older brother, and Kevin is the younger sibling that looks up to and wants to be just like his older bro.

Amos’ Favorite Products
Amos and his sister Melinda both eat Wellness® CORE™ Original Dog Formula. They just love the taste of this high-protein and grain-free kibble. Amos also takes Probios Digestive Dog Tabs to help support healthy digestion. And for a special treat Amos loves to indulge in Dogswell Vitality Meatballs, he just can’t get enough of them! They also work great as a training treat if you break them up into smaller pieces.

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