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Give Your Horse Some Summer Lovin’ Now & Later: Hoof Support

• Between frequent bathing and the other shifts between wet and dry environments that your horse’s hooves go through every day, they could be at risk for cracks and other structural problems.

• In addition to that, horses that spend their summer days stomping at flies could be causing damage to their hoof walls.

• Along with working with a knowledgeable hoof care professional and limiting the wetto- dry shifts your horse’s hooves go through each day, proper nutrition plays a vital role in helping your horse maintain strong, resilient hooves.

• A daily hoof supplement is an easy way to provide your horse with biotin, which has been shown to impact hoof growth rate and hardness, and other key nutrients that support healthy hoof growth.

“I love Farrier’s Formula products. My horse’s feet wouldn’t hold a shoe, but with the Farrier’s Formula Double Strength pellets my horse’s feet are growing smooth and strong.”


• Your horse’s hooves are constantly growing and changing, so supporting healthy hooves with a supplement all year round is a smart idea.

• Because hooves grow from the hairline down at an average rate of ¼” per month, it could take up to a year for your horse to completely grow out a healthy hoof wall. That means that the hoof your horse is starting to grow in now is the hoof you’ll be riding on next year.

• If you want your horse’s hooves to stay in tip-top shape every summer, you want to support them with the right nutrition from a supplement all year round.

“It keeps their hooves strong and helps them hold shoes. I love this supplement, and I think it is a must-have for any horse owner who wants another weapon in their hoof care arsenal.”


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