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SmartPak Fans <3 Their Farriers!

We asked our Facebook fans to share why they (and their horses) love their farriers, and we loved reading their stories so much that we had to make sure that they were shared with everybody! Check out what riders like you had to say about their farriers for National Farriers Week, and then share your story in the comments section below.

“Aladdin is in his 30s and loves his farrier, Randy Brandt, who regularly dresses his thrushy or infected feet! Upon Randy’s return visit Al actually walked up to Randy Brandt and buried his face in Randy’s chest as a thank you! Heartwarming relationship! His patience and care does not go unnoticed!” – Nakita R.

“Ben loves his farrier Mikey Rogers Horse Shoeing. He helped get him through some nasty abscesses and dry feet. Now we are loping fools…thank you Mikey Rogers for always being there for Big Ben.” – Wendie H.

“My mare has a serious love for our farrier Andrew Howard. She always gives him a nicker when he walks in the barn and is jealous when he smells like other horses! He is always so patient and very knowledgeable and is only a phone call away if we ever have a problem.” – Lauren W.

“All the girls love Pauline Jim Creeden! He is so thorough and knowledgeable. He also has a never-ending supply of patience for our foals or scared rescue ponies, and he’s a lot of fun to hang out with. We’re eternally grateful for his skills and friendship! Our farm can’t run without him!!!” – M.F.

“My horse, Leroy, loves his farrier, Joseph Upshaw because Joseph has fixed his contracted heels and made his hooves healthier every day. Joseph rocks!” – Jacqueline K.

“Our farrier Matthew Shock is the best. He’s kind and patient as well as knowledgeable with our three- Miss Winders, Night, and Patch.” – Darlene M.

“‘No hoof, no horse.’ Thanks to Paul Simard for the spectacular care in shoeing.” – Stanley E.

“My mare loves her farrier!” – Carol C.

“Leggs LOVES his farrier – Seth Collins – Seth is so patient dealing with Leggs’ physical limitations due to EPM.” – Sheri M.

“Justin Putz takes great care of my horse!” – Victoria T.

“Tyme for Perfection “Carter” loves his farrier Ben Logan. Carter requires corrective shoeing and Ben has done a wonderful job, even getting kudos from our sports medicine vet at his last appt. “No horse” is definitely true for this horse!” – Gretchen K.

“Our farrier Chris had done wonders for our Clydesdale Mac and so patient and loving with all of our horses. He’s been so patient with Mac having sensitive rear feet. We would be lost without him!” – Kady C.

“Our farrier, Kevin G., has been taking care of this fella for a long time…Copper is 32!! His hooves grow like crazy and Kevin keeps tabs on him to make sure Copper keeps going!” – Patricia K.

“This little girl’s feet have never been better since we started using master farrier, Chris. Sooo happy with them now!” – Meagan K.

“We love our farrier Dale Vendegrift!! This is a picture of Dutchess after surgery for removal of keratoma which fractured her coffin bone. Without Unionville Equine Associates and Dale, Dutchess would not be sound today. He goes above and beyond and keeps all of our horses in competitive shape whether they are foals or million-dollar racehorses.” – Paddy B.

“Snowie loves Joshua Smith for going above and beyond to fix his feet and his dedication to keeping him sound and healthy and keeping me sane lol!! No hoof no horse!! Thank you to the best farrier ever!!” – Suzii C.

“Thank you, Irena Gospodarek, for keeping Gracie sound for my girl to grow and learn on. We value you as part of our team getting our horses to the ring to perform at their best. Now, you’re helping with our veteran, Cairo, the horse taking Ada to the next level. Rena, not only an expert farrier, but a great longtime friend.” – Christina K.

“Baron and I LOVE Ashley Gasky aka Precision Hoof Care because she has taken the time to *learn* about his unique hoof quirks instead of applying an across-the-board method to his trimming. She works many methods of shoeing as well as barefoot trims in her practice and is always attending conferences and events to learn from master farriers! Never stop learning! Self-propelled women are the best.” – Katherine K.

“My horse, Lola, loves her farrier Kevin Sweeney because he has always been kind and patient with her; even when she hated people from the abuse she suffered as a young horse. She loves him now because he continues to be kind and patient with her, so that she is as comfortable as possible with arthritic hocks and stifles. She is 30 years old now and he has known her since she was two; four years longer than I’ve known her!” – Elizabeth L.

“My name is Krista, AKA Princess Fussylips. As you can see, our first meeting was rough, but I’ve learned to love my farrier, Sean Lorenzana CF, because he’s always patient and kind. I still give him the stink eye, but he thinks it’s funny!” – Jennifer C.

“Hi, I’m Gracie. We love our farrier, Peter Klein, because he’s always willing to squeeze us in when needed. He once even made a surprise fast food run for my owner when she was hungover before our polo match. Thanks for caring about both of us.” – Jane M.

“My horse was never a fan of the farrier pretty much since forever. I was recommended my current farrier by a good friend that had so many positive things to say. He is the first farrier my horse doesn’t hate. When he started my horse’s feet were less than ideal from a trim that was no good for his feet. After just a few months his toes began transforming into what I knew they could be. My horse is 28 so he has some limits of what’s comfortable for him position wise when being trimmed. My farrier goes out of his way to specifically tailor how he works to my horse’s comfort level. He keeps things low, gives him breaks as needed, never pulls his leg away from his body to put between his own legs, never loses an ounce of patience, never raised his voice or even gotten annoyed ever. He is truly the best farrier & has always been out whenever I needed him to be without hesitation. My horse’s feet are barefoot perfection thanks to his incredibly diligent & meticulous work. Here are the pair in the above photo!” – Jennifer D.

“Cooper loves Brent Zorn, for bringing him back to soundness after a bout of laminitis.” – Carol H.

“My farrier Kent Mullinex is the only one to keep my Annie sound. He is a miracle worker!!!” – Michelle F.

“My horse, Bug, loves his farrier because she always takes amazing care of his hooves and has made them look great again after constant cracking and chipping from the dry weather and stomping at flies. Not to mention he loves all the compliments and pets and scratches he receives from her upon each visit ☺️ we love our farrier!” – Rae L.

“My name is Captain I am approximately 37 years young. I also have Cushing’s disease. My farrier Beth Lynn Lewis is the greatest because not only does she help keep my feet healthy. she is also very patient with me as she knows I’m a bit arthritic and best part is she stays up to date on all the newest metabolic research and she helps my mom Amy make great choices about my diet and recommends SmartPak supplements to keep me and my feet happy and healthy inside out.” – Amy J.

“My momma has found me the best farrier ever! Melissa takes amazing care of feet so I can keep up with my baby antics and drive my momma crazy! She’s so smart! Even if I try to be bad she tells me no and gives my momma all kinds of tips! She even helped my mom get over her fear of feet!” – Mandy A.

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