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To: Our Farriers, Love: the Horses of SmartPak

In honor of National Farriers Week, we asked our horses to share why they love their farriers! See what the horses of SmartPak had to say, and then share your farrier shout-out here in the comments or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram:

My name is Sawyer and recently my farrier, Matt Prescott, put on my very first pair of shoes. I love wearing my new kicks, and I’ve also noticed that Matt is very patient with my mom, who tends to worry too much about my feet.
– Sawyer (and SmartPaker Jessica)

My name is Angelito and my mom is SmartPaker Lara, and we both want to thank Max Gerdes for being such an amazing farrier! Max has been putting these Nikes on me for over two years and I (and Lara) wouldn’t have it any other way. He is so knowledgeable about my hooves and knows just how to keep them healthy. I never worry about losing shoes anymore either! Thanks Max, for all your hard work and passion for animals like me!
– Angelito (and SmartPaker Lara)

Hi! I’m Freckles, and my mom is SmartPaker Al! She and I wanted to give a big thank you to our farrier, Matt Burbank. I’m absolutely terrified of nails, hammers, loud noises, and strangers touching my feet, so when we made the move to become SmartPakers, I was so happy to see Matt show up to our new barn. He drives almost an hour just to do my shoes! I sometimes get White Line Disease in my hooves and it makes mom really upset, but Matt knows exactly what to do to keep me standing on four healthy feet. I still don’t like getting my feet done but I’m glad that Matt is patient with me when I get scared and always comes back!
– Freckles (and SmartPaker Al)

My name is Hershey and my big feet aren’t the easiest to handle, especially when I’m distracted and nibbling on anything in reach- sorry, I really am working on that. My person, SmartPaker Jenna, and I want to thank our awesome farrier Corey St. Peter for taking it all in stride with a smile on his face. Thanks to his hard work, my tricky tendons stay comfortable so I can put my best foot forward, and SmartPaker Jenna always says how impressed she is with his knowledge and timeliness (it’s better than hers). Thanks for everything you do, Corey, we’re so lucky to have you!
– Hershey (and SmartPaker Jenna)

My name is Cody, and my mom is SmartPaker Sarah, and we both want to thank Nick Denson for being such a great farrier! Nick and I just met in April, but the moment I met him I could tell he really cared about keeping me comfy (which can be tough, with my navicular changes!). Thanks to Nick and my super vet, my feet feel great, which makes grazing more fun.
– Cody (and SmartPaker Sarah)

My name is Hopi and my mom is SmartPaker Rebekah. We both want to thank our awesome farrier Andy Ware for keeping my hooves in tip-top shape and answering all my mom’s questions! She certainly has a lot and Andy is always patient, kind and gives me extra scratches during his explanations. Thanks, Andy, for keeping me sound and nimble at 22!
– Hopi (and SmartPaker Rebekah)

My name is Sasha, and I want to thank Larry Hill, Matt Prescott, and everyone else at Lawrence Hill Horseshoeing for keeping my princess toes in tip-top shape! They’ve been taking care of my feet since I got my first set of shoes four years ago, and from my misbehavior to my indecisiveness over whether I liked shoes with pads or without them, I know I haven’t always been easy. Despite that, they always come to see me with smiles on their faces, even when they have to come fix me or put a lost shoe back on late at night after all their other appointments are done.
– Sasha (and SmartPaker Lexi)

Hi, I’m Raven. I just wanted to give a big shout-out to my awesome farrier, Alex Shell. He has single handedly transformed my hooves. When my mom, SmartPaker Meghan, first got me last June, my hooves were so tiny and short that Alex needed to use pony nails to keep my shoes on. Fast forward a year of Alex’s amazing skills later, and my feet are larger and stronger than ever before (he can even use full sized nails now)! I like him so much, sometimes I pull off a shoe just so I can see him again sooner!
– Raven (and SmartPaker Meghan)

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One comment on “To: Our Farriers, Love: the Horses of SmartPak
  1. Jessica says:

    Our farriers, Tom Drainer & Matt Britton, keep my boys, Comet, Lex, and Sam, in great shape! Lex likes to lose shoes, and even when I think he’s just moving differently, they will come out and lunge him while I’m at work to see if they can detect any problems. Sam is a Paso Fino, and they have worked with the different angles necessary for him to be comfortable (Sam lives in a barn of Quarter Horses, so Tom & Matt go the extra distance for him!). Comet was a rescue horse and he is always unsure of new people and when I first got him he did not like having his feet handled! Tom & Matt were very patient with him and they got his terrible feet in shape!

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