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Baby Horse’s First Horse Show Road Trip

My baby horse, Loki, recently turned four! And becoming a big boy horse means having to do big boy things, like traveling to his first away horse show. For our first show, we picked a low-key show that we thought wouldn’t be too stressful for him. We got a stall and stayed overnight so that he wouldn’t have to make the trip there and back in one day, which was also a great opportunity to see how he handled staying in a new place. To no one’s surprise he was completely un-phased by all of it! Here’s how we prepared for the experience:

Pre-Horse Show Prep:
To my knowledge, Loki had only ever been on a trailer once and it was almost a year ago when he made his journey up from West Virginia to Massachusetts. I wanted to make sure that he was going to be okay in my two-horse trailer, so we spent a lot of time leading up to our trip practicing getting on, standing on, walking off, and even going for short drives. Lots of treats were involved to reward him every time he got on and off. I used SmartCookies because they’re small and I could easily fit a ton in my pockets. Plus, I wasn’t worried about giving him so many because of the awesome healthy ingredients they’re full of!


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Because I knew that traveling 3 hours and arriving in a brand-new place was going to be stressful for Loki, I gave him UlcerGard leading up to and during the horse show.


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Loki also gets SmartDigest Ultra daily to support a healthy hindgut. Having him on SmartPaks makes packing his supplements for horse shows very convenient!

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Day of the Show Prep:
When we arrived at the horse show, I took Loki off the trailer and took him for a nice long walk to stretch his legs and introduce him to his new surroundings. Loki tends to be extremely quiet and lazy, but knowing that he hadn’t been off the property since he arrived, I got on him way before our classes were starting to give us enough time to warm up just in case. We strolled around the property before going into one of the warm up rings to flat around.

After a very successful showing in some flat classes we headed back to the stabling to get cooled off. Loki is not the biggest fan of puddles, so we approached the bathing area with caution, maneuvering around even the smallest bits of water. Once we got into the wash area, he stood way better than I expected – like a perfect statue (probably because he was too afraid to move closer to any of the puddles)!

I bathe Loki with Gallop Color Enhancing Shampoo for black horses in an attempt to keep his coat as dark as possible despite the constant exposure to sun. He also has the tiniest bit of white on his legs and for that I use Quic Silver. After cooling off with a nice bath, we went for another hand walk around the horse show.

After our walk, I put him in his stall for the first time with plenty of hay and water. Thankfully he settled in extremely quickly and just stood munching his hay. I stood by his stall for a while just to make sure with all the coming and going commotion of horses in the barn wouldn’t bother him, but it seemed like he couldn’t care less. I was so proud of how un-phased he was by everything in his new environment – I couldn’t have asked for a better-behaved baby. I came back to check on him two more times that night, once to feed him his dinner, and again much later for night check and some more hay.

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The next morning, we showed in some more flat classes and then loaded up the trailer and headed home. Overall, we had a great experience at our first away horse show and are extremely excited to continue our adventures at even more away horse shows this summer. Loki proved himself to be a big boy and I couldn’t be more proud of him!

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