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Caution! Hidden Dangers Ahead

When you’re traveling with your horse, there are more risks to watch out for than what’s on the road in front of you. That’s why we’re sharing four ways that traveling can affect your horse’s health, and how you can help.

Risk #1:
Sudden changes in exercise or activity level have been shown to increase digestive disruption, increasing colic risk.

How You Can Help:
Try to keep your horse’s exercise schedule as consistent as possible, and make any adjustments gradually. If you know your horse is going to work harder than usual at a show or on a long trail ride, plan ahead and increase your horse’s workload gradually before you leave.

Risk #2:
Lack of turnout is unnatural for your horse, and increased stall time can increase your horse’s chances of digestive upset.

How You Can Help:
Unfortunately, turnout isn’t always available when you travel with your horse. If your horse is going to be spending more time in a stall than he usually does, try to take him out for hand walks as often as possible.

Risk #3:
Changes in hay, including switching types or feeding a new cut from the same field, can increase your horse’s chances of developing colic by 10x!

How You Can Help:
To keep your horse’s hay consistent, consider bringing all the hay you’ll need for your trip from home. If you’re going to be purchasing hay while you’re on the road, bring some hay from home so that you can blend the old hay with the new hay. Changing hay as gradually as possible will help ease the stress on your horse’s hindgut.

Risk #4:
Dehydration has been associated with a greater risk for GI trouble, including impaction

How You Can Help:
Make sure that your horse has access to clean, fresh water at all times and consider adding a salt supplement to encourage healthy hydration. Additionally, some horses don’t like drinking strange water, so consider bringing your own water from home.

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