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#FeelGoodFriday: Dr. Paul Erwin


We asked you to tell us why your veterinarian rocks, and now it’s time for us to share your stories! Because your vet makes your horse feel good, thanking your vet makes you feel good, and being thanked makes your vet feel good, we’ll be sharing your submissions every week on #FeelGoodFriday.

This week’s featured veterinarian: Dr. Paul Erwin

“Dr. Paul is the most patient, thoughtful, and kindest vet I’ve ever worked with. We have a forty-stall barn at a private school in southwest Virginia. He is not only our vet but handles the farms and private barns of large animals throughout the area, sometimes traveling over two hours on a call. He takes the time to walk us through every option both long term and short term for injuries or illness, and he always greets us with humor (which is appreciated in this industry)! He works with each of our forty horses like they have been our life long pet, and has handled some of the most traumatic experiences alongside us often going above and beyond the call of duty, staying late into the night as a friend, not just a vet.

Dr. Paul NEVER says no when we shanghai an emergency call as an opportunity for him to teach our students, or campers, or staff. Sometimes he will pull the truck up and we have fifteen students ready to watch a pre-purchase or a lameness flexion and he takes it all “in-stride.” In emergency situations, he will walk our students through the symptoms, getting them involved as he treats the horse, talking about varying opinions on treatment and his personal philosophy but also the philosophy of other well-known vets in the area so they know that not just one opinion or treatment works for every horse. We and our horses are so very lucky to have him as he has kept our lesson and competition herd healthy, sound, and happy well into their mid-twenties.”

– Samantha F. from Virginia

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3 comments on “#FeelGoodFriday: Dr. Paul Erwin
  1. Lori says:

    He is a great person, a wonderful and compassionate vet ❤

  2. Lisa Geyer says:

    We love Paul Erwin! He has worked with us for 9 years, guiding us (two green horse owners with two 8 month old horses) through every step of horse care and health. We now have 6 horses and Paul Erwin continues to guide us. He always takes time to talk with us and answer our questions. In our eyes, he is irreplaceable!

  3. Kelly V. says:

    Dr. Erwin is our vet as well and we feel the same way as the others have expressed “irreplaceable” for sure. We feel blessed and lucky to have such a great vet!!

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