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Peek in my Dog’s SmartPak: Cooper Bradley

Staff Member: Kim
Department: Accounting
Dog: Cooper, Hound mix

Just like with your horse, it’s important to ensure that your canine friend has the support he needs to feel his best. To help keep Cooper the happy, healthy, and thriving dog that he is, I give him a little support from the wonderful world of supplements. Today, I’m going to give you a peek at Cooper’s SmartPaks:

Probios Digestive Tabs
Firstly, Cooper is on Probios Digestive Tabs. Ever since he was a pup, Cooper has had a sensitive digestive system. This supplement provides a daily supply of probiotics to help keep it running smoothly.

Probios Digestive Dog Tabs

(25 reviews)

SmartCanine Health
Next, Cooper gets SmartCanine Health. Even though he still young, I want to support his joint health because he’s an active dog with legs for days! SmartCanine Health was the perfect choice because along with offering fundamental joint support, it includes ingredients for his digestive and immune health to help keep him happy and healthy.

SmartCanine™ Health

As Low As: $5.72
(17 reviews)

SmartCanine Calming
Lastly, I recently added SmartCanine Calming to Cooper’s SmartPaks. This supplement provides soothing herbs like valerian root, chamomile, and passionflower, as well as B vitamins and magnesium for proper nervous system function. I’ve been thrilled the results I’ve seen with this supplement, and it’s definitely my favorite out of all of the supplements in his SmartPaks!

SmartCanine™ Calming

As Low As: $8.70
(51 reviews)

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