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19 Feelings You Have During Blanketing Season

If you’ve had a horse and that horse has had a blanket, then you know the struggle of blanketing season all too well. From fit issues to waterproofing woes, we know how you feel, too. Do any of these blanket struggles sound familiar to you?

1. Taking the laundered blankets from last year out of storage and putting them on your horse.

2. The look your horse has when last year’s blanket is a somehow a full 3 inches away from covering his whole rump but you’re determined to make it work.

3. Realizing a big storm is coming, and your too small blankets aren’t going to cut it.

4. Shopping online and finding SmartPak has fast and free shipping, so you’ll have all the blankets you need in plenty of time!

5. Deciding to buy one size up in a rain sheet, just to make sure he fits into it next year, too.

6. Knowing full well why you need so many blankets, even when everyone think you’re crazy.

7. Hanging up after your barn manager calls to tell you your horse came in with a rip in their blanket…after an hour of turnout.

8. Remembering that there are all new blanket colors this year, and deciding to just get an entirely new set.

9. When the new blankets come in…. and still don’t fit

10. Remembering that SmartPak has free return shipping on all sized items, so you can exchange it for free

11. Stepping back to check how your blanket fits and it’s perfect.

12. Making sure your horse is warm, because you feel cold.

13. Adding an extra layer- just in case.

14. Watching your horse stalk off to find her friends after putting on all her *new* blankets.

15. Dang it. Did I remember to buy my horse a new hood??

16. After the barn manager calls… because your horse ripped the new blanket.

17. Calling SmartPak and remembering you got the SmartPak Ultimate Turnout with the 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee

18. You and your new SmartPak BFF setting up a free replacement for that blanket.

19. Feeling like you can handle anything blanket season throws at you.

Are you ready to handle anything blanket season throws at you? If your horse’s wardrobe isn’t ready for winter yet, check out our selection of turnouts, sheets, blankets, fleeces, and coolers now!

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3 comments on “19 Feelings You Have During Blanketing Season
  1. rebecca says:

    this was funny. thanks for the midday, stifled laughter smiles at work

  2. Denise says:

    Really funny! Great job to who ever put that one together!

  3. Susan collins says:

    Really funny, thank you!!

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