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My Pup’s Adoption Story

Growing up (and even still to this day), I was not just a horse lover, but an animal lover in general. I wanted to save any and every animal that came my way. Yes, I was that girl. I seemed to have a tendency to completely shock and panic my parents when they would come home and they would find me sitting in the yard with a stray dog, or another kitten, that I had somehow found and brought home. I would beg and plead with my parents to let me keep each dog, cat, or critter I had come across, but with each one that came along, we would find a loving home that would take care of him/her. My mother would tell me this many, many times throughout my childhood: “We have enough animals, and someday when you are grown up, you can have as many pets as you want”.

So naturally, when I moved away, grown up and on my own, one of the first things I did within the first 6 months of my post-college life was look for a canine companion. After a couple of months of just casually looking, one day I was online and looking at and I found this little one with her huge, brown eyes:

Immediately, I knew that this was my dog! I contacted the adoption agency, filled out the application, and crossed my fingers (and my toes). By the following weekend, I received a notification that I was approved, and that this little pup was going to be in my arms by the following Sunday! I was so excited, but also nervous, as I only had one week to prepare for my beautiful fur-child’s homecoming. Since she was based in Arkansas, the puppy would have to be transported up to New England, and the closest drop off point was going to be in Maine. I’ve never done anything like this before, and to be honest, I was a little hesitant as I’ve never truly known that it was common to transport adopted puppies all over the country. Surprisingly enough, this is a pretty common thing to do! Puppies and dogs from various adoption agencies in the south were transported by a licensed transporter, who cares for the animals while they make their journey to their new homes. Meanwhile, a friend and I ventured up to Maine to meet the little fur-baby! The pick-up point was at a rest stop on a highway in Maine, and as we pulled in, one by one, other people anxious to meet their new adopted puppies pulled in too. When the van pulled up, people lined up waiting for their names to be called. Two ladies shouted would take turns bringing out a puppy, one by one, calling out a name, and the owner would proudly march up to the van and meet their new canine family member! Finally, it was time to meet her – as soon as she came into my arms, she snuggled right up to me! She was tiny, fluffy, adorable, and finally here!

While she came with the name “Prim”, she didn’t seem like a “Prim” to me. My birthday is in July, so I decided to name her after July’s birthstone – Ruby! Ruby was a rambunctious, playful, and mischievous puppy, but even with all her puppy shenanigans, she brought so much love and joy into my life! Ruby loves being outside, chasing Jolly Balls, joining my horse and I on plenty of trail rides, swimming, and treats (of course)!

Ruby is full grown now, and is huge lovable ball of fluff. She’s been mentoring and guiding her new sister Lila, on how to behave. They are two furry peas in a pod!

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