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On the Road with SmartPak: the 2017 NEAEP Symposium

The Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners (NEAEP) Symposium focuses on increasing the health and welfare of horses by providing educational classes and materials for equine veterinarians, farriers, technicians, and veterinary students. In addition to classroom learning and a tradeshow filled with equine related care items and diagnostic tools, participants also got to spend a day at the Equi-Kids and Equi-Vets equine therapeutic riding facility learning and practicing various procedures and skills.

We really love attending this show because it gives us a great opportunity to learn from veterinarians and farriers about the types of programs and products that would be most beneficial to them, their clients, and their clients’ horses. In addition, we appreciate having the opportunity to share some of the things SmartPak is doing to support healthy horses and happy riders.

In particular, we were thrilled to be able to share the results from the research study Dr. Frank Andrews and his team led on our very own SmartGut Ultra Pellets. Dr. Andrews led a lecture and a Lunch & Learn event that covered the research he had performed. It was really amazing to listen to Dr. Andrews’ lecture and learn more about a health issue that many horse owners face. Click here to read the research yourself!

In addition to all of the great educational events, we were really excited to be celebrating the fifth anniversary of SmartPak’s ColiCare program while at this show! Because every good anniversary celebration should involve cake, we had cake pops (basically little balls of cake and frosting on a lollipop stick) to give away at our booth. Much to our surprise, the baker of the cake pops (one of our very own SmartPakers!) did such a great job decorating them that people had no idea they were edible because they were so pretty. However, word spread quickly around the show that the cake pops were not only edible, but that they were delicious! We very quickly had lots of attendees celebrating ColiCare’s anniversary with us!

Lastly, one of my favorite moments of the show came at the very end. Right as I was about to leave the therapeutic riding facility for the airport, I noticed a beautiful Gypsy Vanner gelding who looked very familiar to me. When I asked the woman holding him his name, to my shock, she said, “Hannibal”. Hannibal, or Hanni as we called him, used to be a lesson horse at a farm I taught at in Massachusetts. Nearly fifteen years later, the two of us were being reunited at a farm in Virginia. It was so great to see him living such a happy life at such a beautiful facility!

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