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Top 3 Things I Can’t Live Without on Show Day

Summertime and show season are two of my favorite things! Warm air, long sunny days, and no more winter coats or layers. What’s not to love about summer? Aside from finally thawing out from winter, summer also brings show season. Now if you’ve ever been to a horse show or packed for one you know the list is long and if you’re like me, you almost always forget something. Well, I’m going to take you through the top three items that help keep me cool and comfy through while at the ring.

This year I made my debut back in the show ring with my young hunter horse. I noticed from the horse shows I had gone to watch previously that my wardrobe desperately needed an update, starting with my show coat. After trying on every jacket I could get my hands on, I decided the RJ Classics Monterey Xtreme Soft Shell Show Coat was the one for me. It’s the most lightweight coat I’ve ever worn. What I really love about it was that it doesn’t a have lining so it keeps you nice and cool; it’s super stretchy, which really allows you to move freely; and it has an internal zipper hidden behind the buttons to keep your jacket laying nice and flat. As if all those things weren’t awesome enough, it’s also machine washable! Life changing! (Just remember to give yourself enough time for it to hang dry.)

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RJ Classics Monterey Xtreme Soft Shell Show Coat

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Item number two doesn’t focus on the rider but is equally important, if not more. Our horses are athletes, so providing them with the right equipment to do their job is key. I rely on my EcoGold Stabilizer Hunter Pad because it provides both of us with a comfortably cushioned pad that breathes for her, but also won’t move around on me. I hate having to constantly adjust my saddle and I found with this pad, my horse seemed really comfortable and my saddle didn’t budge. While my horse doesn’t have high withers, this pad would still be a great option for those horses who do. It provides extra protection with Lycra fabric up front and really maximizes comfort in that area.

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EcoGold Stabilizer™ Hunter Pad

(53 reviews)

My last and maybe favorite item isn’t for just horse shows but for every day at the barn. They are the Noble Outfitters XtremeSoft Boot Socks. A friend of mine showed me these and after feeling them, I had to try them out. At only $9.95 you can’t beat the price for the level of comfort these guys bring to your feet! The foot bed has just the right amount of padding to be comfortable but not too bulky. They’re not the slightest bit bulky in the calf either, if you’re worried about your boots being snug. My favorite feature and the most innovative is the stretch mesh on the front – it’s really cool, literally! On the shin portion of the sock, there’s a woven mesh that’s discrete yet effective, allowing you maximum comfort for a price that can’t be beat. These are the best socks out on the market by far!

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