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Stuff Riders Say on Christmas

Stuff Riders Say on Christmas_thumb

We know our non-riding friends and family try, but we only have so many places to display horse statues. Don’t let this happen to you – remind your friends and family that a SmartPak Gift Card is a gift that

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G.I. Know


Your horse’s gastrointestinal tract is the real hero At the surface, digestion seems like a pretty basic concept. Food turns into manure, simple as that, right? Not quite… Your horse’s gastrointestinal tract is surprisingly delicate and complex, with many moving

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Meet Catherine and Loki

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Have you checked __________ ?

Have you checked_1

Working with an unpredictable, nervous, excitable horse isn’t fun (for you or your horse), so it’s an important problem to solve. But where do you begin? Start by checking these common root causes of “bad” behavior, and you’ll be one

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Meet Cindy and Fulton’s Time Machine

brady congress 2014 photo
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ASTM/SEI Change is NBD


NBD is, of course, short for “no big deal.” We’ll tell you what you need to know and what you don’t need to worry about. There’s been some hubbub made about the upcoming ASTM/SEI standard change for riding helmets, so

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#FarrierFriday: Emmanuel Fisher

Emmanuel fisher

Have you heard? Farriers are raving about SmartHoof! Find out how this farrier uses SmartHoof Ultra Pellets together with regular maintenance to keep his client’s horse’s hooves in tip-top shape. Emmanuel Fisher Paxinos, PA “I’ve been a farrier for 15

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Meet Katie and George

#1 Eng
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SmartPak Barn Field Trip, Part 3: Assessing body condition score in horses

SmartPak Barn Field Trip Part 3 - Assessing body condition score in horses_thumb

    Download the worksheet to test your knowledge! Would you say your horse is underweight, overweight, or the ideal weight? Do you know how to tell? Knowing how to body condition score a horse is an essential part of

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Meet Emma and Mowgli

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SmartPak Wishlist – SmartPaker Jessica

SmartPak Wishlist 2015 - SmartPaker Jessica_thumb

Create your own Wishlist at! Need ideas for what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Or do you need ideas of what to tell others to get for you? Then check out our Wishlists! And because we

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Frequently Asked Questions: GI Tract

GI FAQ image

1. How do I know if my horse needs stomach support, hindgut support, or both? It can be tough to know what kind of GI tract support your horse needs. However, since your horse’s stomach and hindgut have very different

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ColiCare: Fact or Fiction?


When we tell horse owners they can get up to $7,500 of FREE colic surgery reimbursement with ColiCare, some think it’s too good to be true, so we’re setting the record straight! ColiCare is compatible with my horse’s current insurance

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Meet Jaynie and Quincy – 2015 Update

family_doerr_jaynie_10_2013(116of34)_give photo credit to Breathtaking Photography
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Salt or Electrolytes?


Salt (also known as sodium chloride or NaCl) plays an important role in normal nerve and muscle function and can help encourage your horse to drink, making it critical for his well-being. Adult horses in no work need at least

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