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The Pak Trunk

With riders in every department, we’re constantly testing and reviewing every item we carry. Since we’ve literally seen it all, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites with you!

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3 More Supplement Myths Busted

Whether they loved it, already knew it or simply could not believe it, it seemed like everyone had something to say about the supplement myths we busted in our first edition. This time around, we’ve got three new myths, hand-picked by our Customer Care team as common sources of confusion.

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Hoof Help

Question: I overheard a girl at a horse show talking about her horse’s hoof abscess, and it sounded awful! What is a hoof abscess, and how is it treated? Answer: A hoof abscess is a bacterial infection inside the hoof.

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Formula for Success

When it comes to joint supplements, it truly is what’s inside that counts. Get to know popular ingredients, understand how they work, and learn what levels are best for your horse.

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Meet Kathrin and Isabella

My mare Isabella is getting older, and I wanted to make sure I did all I could to make her senior years as comfortable as possible. I searched all over the Internet for what supplements she needed as she aged, and kept returning to SmartPak’s products.

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Your Senior Horse: Fierce Competitor or Out to Pasture?

Your senior horse has always given you his best. Return the favor and choose a joint supplement that’s tailored to his specific needs to help keep him comfortable in his golden years.

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In The Bag

In the Bag is a guide to everything you need on show day to get that winning look. Be sure to read the Stable Smart Q&A, which includes great grooming tips from our own SmartPak staff!

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Meet Elizabeth and Word Play “Julia”

Julia is an off-the-track thoroughbred who loves her new career as an eventer. During our first summer together, we really struggled with her sensitivity to flies and other insects. Read our latest Success Story to find out how Elizabeth battled the bugs nagging her mare.

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Countdown to Shine

We all know that a clear round doesn’t come in a bottle, and you can’t spray on a collected canter. When we ride, we know that the best results come from months (or years) of hard work and preparation. So why is it that so many of us wait until the day before the show to start thinking about our horse’s coats?

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These Boots Were Made For…

The right boots can play a big part in supporting and protecting your horse, whether he’s at work or at play. From a half-pass to a sliding stop, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet Megan, Kailey and Chicky

I started my 14-year-old Quarter Horse mare on SmartFlex Repair in July 2009. When we got Chicky, she was a cow/cutting horse and her hind legs were shot. My daughter, Kailey, wanted to use Chicky for 4-H, but her legs

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An Interview with Tuny Page

Over the years Arlene “Tuny” Page and her horse, Wild One, have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the show ring. Their career highlights include 12th overall and highest placed U.S. pair at 2006 World Cup, Amsterdam, NL Winners,

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Point Two Air Jacket featured on NBC’s Rolex Coverage

If you’ve heard a lot about the Point Two Pro Air Jacket, but wanted to see it in action be sure to tune in to NBC’s coverage of the Rolex Three Day event today Saturday 15th at 3:00 p.m. EST/12:00

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2010 Avon Walk

Team SmartPak is ready to begin our 39 mile journey through Boston for the 2010 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! This year’s Avon Walk slogan is “In it to End it” and that’s what Team SmartPak intends to do! The

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Dog Portraits at the SmartPak Store

This past weekend we sent our staff photographer, Kristi, to shoot portraits of our customers’ dogs that happened to be be visiting our store. We can probably take credit for the great photographs, but we can take none of the

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