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Janet Foy puts the “L” in “JudgeLets”

“Judgelets” is Janet’s term for the participants in the USDF “L” program. Developed by the USDF Judges’ Committee, this educational training program teaches learner judges to evaluate the correct training of dressage horses. The program is divided into two parts

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Chronic Choke

I have an older horse in his 20s and he has recently started choking. He is now considered a chronic choker. I have had to get him tubed twice by the vet and now we have to soak his food

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Horse Health During Long Distance Trailering

My dad is going to retire from the military probably in March next year, and for us that means we have to haul my horse from North Carolina to Texas where we plan to keep him at my grandparents’ house.

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8 Simple Steps to Freestyle Bronze

My Goal for the 2017 Competition Year – A USDF Bronze Bar for achievement in Freestyle Dressage! Now that Newman and I have earned our United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze Medal for scores at First, Second, and Third Level,

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Hot or Cold? The Methodology Behind Heat and Ice Therapy Explained

What is the difference between hot and cold therapy (i.e. sweating the leg and icing or cold hosing, respectively) and under what circumstances should each be used? via Heat therapy (thermotherapy) and cold therapy (cryotherapy) along with their cousin

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Winter Hydration

I know during the fall and winter it is a lot easier for horses to become dehydrated. Because of the cooler temperatures, they aren’t as inclined to drink their water as they are in the hotter months. This was the

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Adjusting to Pasture

I just recently purchased a 15-year-old gelding. He has only been on hay feed, not grass pasture. We’ve had him for almost a week now and have slowly been putting him in the grass pasture. We started at 40 minutes,

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What to Do with Your Horse When You Both Have the Winter Blues

Not making it to Florida or Aiken this year? Never fear, here are some ideas to get you and your horse through the winter in better physical and mental shape than when you started and ready for the new competition

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The 62nd Annual Convention & Trade Show of the AAEP: Was your vet there?

Sunny and warm Orlando, Florida was the location of this year’s AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) Convention, the world’s largest continuing education (CE) event dedicated to equine practice. Held Saturday December 3rd through Wednesday December 7th at the Orange

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Joint Supplements as Proactive Maintenance

I have 3 young horses (3 yo Irish Sport, 5 yo TB and 7 yo Appendix) that I use for hunter / jumper showing. Although there are no indications of joint problems now, I am concerned about the long term

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Bot Eggs

What’s the best way to control bots and remove bot eggs from your horse?– via I’m going to approach this question from two different angles. First, if you live in an area where bot flies are a problem, try

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Strongyle Infestation

Are there regional sub-species of strongyles? I had a mare come in from Texas to Maryland on Sept 22 who received a Panacur Power Pac 5 days before shipping whose fecal sample came back high for strongyles on Dec 8.

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Cannon Crud

What is the fungus horses get on the front of their cannon bones on their back legs and how can I get rid of it? – via I believe what you’re referring to is technically called Cannon Dermatitis or

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Warts in Horses

I was wondering about warts in horses. A horse I am looking after for a friend has a white wart in his ear but I also know they can get them on their face. How can warts be treated, prevented,

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The 2016 NEAEP Symposium: What it means to horse owners

What is “neep” you ask? NEAEP stands for the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners, and it’s the largest gathering of equine veterinarians in the country after the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners). What’s cool about NEAEP is they also

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