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Keeping Ulcers at Bay


I started giving my thoroughbred SmartGut last winter after she had an ulcer flare up and I had given her UlcerGard first. I kept her on it until summer and have only been giving it to her a couple times

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All About Adequan Dosing


Our 22 yr old QH mare has been on Adequan for more than one year. She had the proper loading dose and has had a dose each month since then, with her last dose in July, 2013. Since she did

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‘Gut & ‘Gard – Understanding the Difference


I have my semi retired Irish Sport horse on ulcer guard and someone suggested gut smart because it’s cheaper, are they the same thing? KJ, New York Dear KJ, While protecting our pocketbooks can be as important as protecting our

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Solving the Weight Loss Mystery


I have a 10 yr warmblood/thoroughbred. I got him last fall and he was on high fat high fibre. His weight went down so we have switched him to purina trimex which is supposed to give him all the calories

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Minding Your Middlings


I have three quarter horses and a TN walker. Their diet is high quality forage (hay and pasture) with a mix of pelleted feed (low carb/no corn) and timothy pellets, supplemented with Gro strong vitamin and minerals, freshly ground flax

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Senior Feeding Strategies


I have a 26yr old TWH who has recently started losing some weight around his flanks. He is free of parasites (this was checked last month) and an equine dentist pronounced his teeth in good condition. Good pasture is available

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Adding to Oats


I would like to know, if feeding crimped oats what vitamin/mineral supplement would be a good choice. My horse is a pleasure AQHA gelding, not worked but 2 to 3 times a week. – Krista W. via AAEP Ask the

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Is Pasture Enough?


I own a 13 year old Morab mare that is out on pasture. I have not been riding much lately. She has her worming, vaccinations and feet and teeth up to date. Should I give her any free choice mineral

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Joint supplement research: fact or fiction?


I think my horse seems more comfortable since I started him on a joint supplement, but my friend says there’s no research showing they actually work. Who’s right? — CS from Dearborn, MI And the award goes to… you! While

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Putting Weight on a Rescue Horse


I rescued three starved horses, two 12-year-old Percheron geldings and a 23-year-old QH mare. My vet told me to put them on some high fat high fiber, I was also told senior would be the best as its HF-HF, and

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Newman’s Colic Surgery


You all know Dr. Lydia Gray as the brilliant brain behind our weekly Ask the Vet series, but did you know she’s a rider and horse owner herself? In this blog, she gives you a behind the scenes look at

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Carbs & Horses: Separating fact from fiction


The gal at one of the feed stores is making this BIG deal out of controlled starches. I always thought that only horses with certain issues [i.e. insulin problems, EPSM, and laminitis] required carb consistency. Any issues with malnourished horses?

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Summer Sweat and Electrolytes


In the hot summer months when my horses are sweating alot which electrolyte supplement would you recommend feeding them? There are so many on the market and so many articles about which ones to feed and which ones to avoid.

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Upward Fixation of the Patella


I have a 3 yr old gelding that started showing signs of stifle problems as a yearling, from a yearling to 2 yr old it progressively got worse and his legs, one or the other were locking up. I had

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Finding Newman


It was 2005. Star Wars Episode III was concluding the saga, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was flying off the bookshelves, and yes, we were already hooked on American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. And I was “between” horses. I had retired my teenage off-the-track thoroughbred Distinct Leader because of a multitude of health and soundness issues and had been looking for almost two years for a new horse that might have more talent and less problems.

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