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My Pup’s Adoption Story

Growing up (and even still to this day), I was not just a horse lover, but an animal lover in general. I wanted to save any and every animal that came my way. Yes, I was that girl. I seemed

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A Western Girl in an English World

If you didn’t get an idea from the title, I ride Western. I started learning how to ride in Western Pleasure, but I had a need for speed, so I quickly traded my silver-plated saddle for a barrel saddle and

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Extreme Mountain Trail Riding

My mare, Stiletto, just turned 5 this year and right now my goal is to get her willing and confident. For me, that means trail rides, and challenging her with some new things. Nearby the barn where I am boarding

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From “Cow Girl” to “CowGirl” – How I Bought my First Horse

I got bit by the “horse bug” at a really young age. It may have been the Breyer horses that my grandma gave to me for my birthday one year. However it happened, I was obsessed. My parents knew nothing

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From Backyard to Boarding

I’ve had horses ever since I was eight years old, and I was lucky enough to be able to look out the window when I woke up every morning and see them grazing in the pasture. I grew up in

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