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How to help a short forelock grow


How can you help a short forelock grow? I have 3 horses, two of them have super short, thin forelocks that just won’t grow! The third horse has a really fluffy, thick mane that even pulling doesn’t help much. –

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Tips for maintaining the perfect tail


My horse’s tail is…Thoroughbred-y. It’s longish, but oh-so-wispy. How do you help a tail grow/fill out more – and how do you keep it from getting destroyed?” – Sara F. from Weymouth, MA My grandad would always say, “it’s the

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Rolex 2014 – A Groom’s Perspective


By now anybody who follows the eventing results know that for team dutton, Rolex this year was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. My personal journey started early Monday morning, loading the horses and getting on the road

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Becoming A Groom


I’m 19 years old and in college to work with horses. I love your blog and read it avidly. I was curious to know if it was too late to start as a groom (I only know the basics) and

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Ask the Groom: Working for Phillip


“I’m a HUGE Phillip Dutton fan, and I’m so excited you’re back at his barn! He always has the most impressive horses on course, and I’ve always wondered what they’re like in the barn. Can you tell me a bit

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How do you get a horse used to a vacuum?


“How do you get a horse used to a vacuum?” – Janet P. from Denver, CO A vacuum can be a very useful piece of equipment in the barn. It helps to speed up grooming, as well as removing much

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Battling Blanket Rubs


My horse always gets really bad blanket rubs – do you have any tips on preventing those, either by choosing a certain type of blanket, or by treating the hair/skin? – Jamie R. via Facebook Even though there are numerous

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The Perfect Jog Shine


What are your must-have products for a shine that’s sure to impress everyone at the jog? – Amanda R. from Shawnee, KS Presenting a well-turned-out horse at a CCI jog is one of the things a groom takes great pride

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Bathing: How much is too much?


“How often should you wash a horse in the non show season? I rinse him off after hot work days but don’t want to over strip his natural oils.” – Valerie P.S. via Facebook How much is too much to

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Staying Organized on Show Day


Not having an organized trailer tack room can cause for a stressful show day when trying to get to warm up and rings on time. Knowing where to find the essentials but also being able to lay your hands on

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Button Braids: How To’s and Top Tips


Please tell me everything you know about braiding manes! – Sarah P. from Nyack, NY For some, braiding is a daunting task. Having a mane that is not the ideal length or is too thick or thin can be very

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Washing & Wrapping Legs in the Summer Heat


I have a five-gaited American Saddlebred who lives with my trainer and stays in standing wraps when he’s not working. He has incredibly sensitive skin, and we’re having a lot of problems with him tolerating the wraps in the Texas

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Shortening Thin Manes


How do you shorten a mane that’s very, very thin, almost to the point of being “wispy”? I’ve been a traditional mane puller all my life, but the top and bottom third of my horse’s mane has become too thin

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Hoofing It


“Can you share any of your hoof care tips?” – Angela Z. from Salt Lake City, UT I believe the saying is…”no hoof, no horse.” If the feet are not taken care of, the repercussions can be costly in terms

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A Leg Up on Leg Care


“What is your leg care routine?” – Alenna S. via Facebook Knowing your horse’s legs inside and out is paramount when looking after any horse. Daily checking of legs should be undertaken so that any abnormalities, from the slightest boot

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