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How To Handle Headshaking

My horse suffers each spring and summer from something that causes her to snap or toss her head and sneeze or snort/blow out through her nose very strongly and in succession. Sometimes she even rubs the inside of her upper

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Could it be a Nutritional Deficiency?

“I’ve done a lot of reading trying to figure out some issues with my horse. Is it possible for horses to be on a nice balanced diet of hay and pelleted feed and still have deficiencies? For example, my horse gets plenty of hay (as much as he is willing to eat) and the correct amount of high fat pelleted grain by weight daily yet is consistently underweight…”

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Tail Chewing in Youngsters

I have about 15 young horses (a mix of weanlings and yearlings) turned out together. They have a large turnout area, but there isn’t much grass, so we provide them with free choice hay from a hay bunker (an alfalfa/grass mix). They also receive fortified grain and have access to salt/mineral blocks. We’ve been breeding horses for many years, and for some reason over the past year we’ve started to have a problem with some of these young horses chewing each other’s tails off…

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What Dose of Vitamin B1 is Right for Your Horse?

I have been using SmartB1 on my rather spooky nervous mare. It has had a calming effect on her — almost to the point of being too calm and relaxed. I have started giving her only half the recommended dosage

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Separation Anxiety

My dog gets really wound up when I leave in the morning for work. And he’s even more excited when I get home in the evening, jumping up on me and barking. Now I’m seeing marks on the doors like

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Calming Supplements for Mares (from AAEP Ask the Vet)

I own a 22 year old Appendix mare. She has always become very irritable during her first heat cycles in spring. We’ve had a “marble” implanted in her a few years ago which helped a lot then, but now I’m

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Managing a Cribber (from AAEP Ask the Vet)

Recently I purchased a 4 YO gelding that had been stall kept. Much to my surprise, he is a cribber. He takes his feed bucket between his front teeth, arches his neck and sucks in air. He is underweight and

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Choosing the Right Calming Supplement

I have a spooky Arabian/National Showhorse mare. She is very sweet and quiet on the ground, but under saddle she is inclined to be nervous. She has only bolted once, but she spooks often. I’m 58 years old and just

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