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Feeding Glucosamine to Insulin Resistant Horses

My 21-year-old gelding has Cushing’s and IR and foundered twice before an appropriate pergolide dose was reached. He also now has arthritis problems and has had his joints injected. I wanted to start him on a daily joint supplement but was advised against it due to human diabetics reacting to glucosamine.

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Best Supplements and Exercise for Horse with OCD

I have a five year old Belgian mare that has some ocd in her hocks. She also had a bone chip in her pastern as a weanling. The chip was removed and the joint cleaned up in surgery. I am

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Supplement Recommendations for an EPM Survivor?

I have a 15 YO Warmblood gelding who is an EPM survivor. He has some residual neurological issues, what do you recommend for his supplements?

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Support for Lymphangitis

I have a horse that is just getting over lymphangitis. He has now had 3 severe bouts of it. He is on very good feed, but I am looking for something to boost his immune system. Any suggestions? Thanks. TV,

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Kissing Spines

My 7 year old Thoroughbred eventer was recently diagnosed with “kissing spines” in the area under the saddle. What causes kissing spines? How common is it? Does it affect certain breeds or horses that are doing certain disciplines more than

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Four month old filly has developed epiphysitis. Fitting her up for a fall futurity and she has developed two epiphysitis bumps on her front ankle. Getting tender. Taken the second crop hay away and reduced the grain intake. Her show

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I have a 20 year old gray Egyptian Arab. He has 6 melanomas; 2 in his mouth, 4 in his sheath. My personal vet said that he would need surgery only if they grew. My question is that even if

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Is There Any Help for Stringhalt?

I have a horse with mild stringhalt symptoms. do you know if any supplements that could help him. I feed good timothy/alfalfa hay, a 10% pellet grain and give biotin and a vitamin/mineral supplement from Buckeye that has Vit E

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Managing Shivers

I have a wonderful horse in my barn who has suspected neuromuscular disease, or Shivers. This horse has difficulty backing-up, lifting her hind feet for the farrier, exhibits some muscle trembling and likes to stand in a “parked out’ position.

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Managing Impaction Colic Caused by Abdominal Tumors (from AAEP Ask the Vet)

I have a 23 year old appaloosa mare who has problems with chronic colic. She has always had problems with this (for the past 10 years) but it has really escalated lately. She goes through spurts where she colics with

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Horses That Can’t Sweat (Anhidrosis)

What can you tell me about anhidrosis? I understand it has something to do with a horse not sweating properly, but I don’t understand why horses develop this problem. Also, I heard there’s a treatment for it but you have

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Laminitis Can Strike All Breeds of Horses!

Please help me understand what laminitis (founder) is! It was devastating to watch a beautiful horse like Barbaro succumb to this disease last year, and frustrating to know that the best care in the world couldn’t prevent it. Didn’t Secretariat,

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